Deus Ex 2: Early Game Walkthrough: Upper Seattle

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This area is either extremely easy or semi-difficult, based on whether or not you choose to rob the place blind and murder the multiple WTO guards present. You can easily get an SMG and a Boltcaster here, a Shotgun, an Energy Blade, a few more grenades and other supplies.

The suggest order of operation for efficiency is to first deal with the outdoors, then hit up the Penthouse. Murder O'Rourke there and investigate the Penthouse/Nassif's Apt. Then head to Club Vox, deal with the Omar there, and then head to the Inclinator and Lower Seattle. After Lower Seattle is dealt with, return to Upper Seattle and finish off with the WTO Terminal and leave for Mako. The guide assumes you do things in that order.

Upper Seattle Outdoors

There are a few hostile encounters on this map, though none of them open that way.


Three muggers will attack you near the Inclinator. They demand a payoff. They are pretty weak. Destroy them. Unless, of course, you are playing a non-violent or Passive run.

Metro Station

The Metro station is overrun by thugs who demand 250 credits for a pass. You can avoid paying them through murder or being extremely sneaky. Harassing the fellow outside prompts him to go hostile. For a non-violent or Passive run, either pay them off (expensive) or use an EMP grenade on the fields. Or, if you have full health, you can just run right through the gold beams. If you have max Move Silent (unlikely) or anything in Cloaking, you can sneak through the vent shaft to either hack the security computer or toggle the beams.

The safest way to dispose of the metro scum is to sneak through the shaft and pick them off from cover

Order Seeker

The Order Seeker will go hostile through dialog or remain neutral if you are polite.


If you trigger the alarm at the Overlook, hostile WTO guards will approach

Enemy Counts

  • Order Seeker (Goes hostile thru dialog)
  • 3 Muggers (Pistols)
  • 3 Metro Thugs (2 Pistols, 1 Shotgun)

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • 2 Aero Security Bots
  • 2 WTO Guards (Can spawn more)
  • Citizen
  • Pequod's Manager
  • Coffee Shop Patron

Bloodlust Notes

  • Your first shot at Bloodlust happens right outside the Elevator. Two WTO guards are in front of you. Use the flashbomb you got in Tarsus to disable them, then 2 pistol shots the head each will dispatch them
  • Hide their bodies ASAP to prevent the Aero Security Bot from going apeshit on you
  • If you murder multiple people outside, later more WTO guards will appear after you return to the map, for more loot.
  • Beware the Aero Security Bots: If they witness any crime, they attack. Luckily you should have at least 3 EMP Grenades!
  • Trigger the alarm at the Overlook will net you an additional WTO guard to kill. His loot is random.
  • If you clean the entire map out and then return, an additional 5 WTO Guards will spawn. Their loot is random(I think).


Upper Seattle City Center: Step-by-Step

Emerald Suites

Visit here to dispatch O'Rourke and investigate Nassif's apartment. Optionally, loot the Penthouse.

Kevin O'Rourke

The Club Vox owner will hire you to kill him or you can just do it out of your own volition. The easiest way to do it is to sneak upstairs and disable the security bot with an EMP Grenade. Then you can fire down into his room and kill him. If you want to up the ante, you can intentionally trigger the alarm by breaking the glass non-silently. This will spawn two additional SSC Guards. If he triggers the alarm on his own, the guards also appear.


He is planning to rob the Minister of Culture. Sneak above his apartment through the ventilation and plant a single bullet into his skull.


Donna Morgan wants you to break into the Penthouse to find some information linking the Minister of Culture to Tarsus. Only dangers here are a solitary spiderbot and a turret. If you disable the security lasers and avoid the camera, the turret won't move.

Enemy Counts

  • Kevin O'Rourke (Pistol)
  • O'Rourke's Bodyguard (Shotgun)
  • Businessman (Pistol)
  • Security Bot
  • 2 SSC Security Guards (O'Rourke)
  • 2 Spiderbots

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • 2 SSC Security Guards (Shotgun, Pistol)
  • Janitor

Bloodlust Notes

If you murder the SSC Guard with the shotgun at the far end of the hall silently, the other SSC Guard will be unaware. Thus you can kill both without any danger.


Emerald Suites: Step-by-Step

Club Vox

You'll want to get VIP access here to deal with the Omar. Optionally, further assist the Omar and loot the basement and office.

Nobody in this area is hostile by default, excluding the restricted office area.

Club Owner

He'll ask you to kill O'Rourke in exchange for VIP access. Since you already did this, just talk to him to get VIP access.


Donna Morgan wants you to break into the Office to steal some financial information. You can break into the Office a few ways. One is through the VIP area. The other is to go to the dance floor and hop above the "Secure Area" door, then drop through the vent. No one goes hostile if you do the latter. The softkey for the basement is in the Office.


The Omar in the VIP Area asks you to break into this area to examine the Grey down below. Doing such nets you a free Black Market Biomod and a reduced price on Omar goods. This Omar will NEVER go hostile on you unless you harm him - you can even ruthlessly murder the entire club in front of his eyes and he will not care.

Disappearing NPCs

If you trigger an alarm or go hostile in this area, all of the non-combat NPCs will disappear if they leave your sight. This makes it nearly impossible to kill ALL the NPCs in this area. This is a documented bug that is more annoying than anything.

Enemy Counts

  • Bouncer (Pistol) (Office area)
  • Bouncer (Sniper Rifle) (VIP Area) (Goes hostile if he hears you kill the Office area bouncer)
  • 2 Spiderbots

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • Club Vox Owner (Boltcaster)
  • Bill Green, security manager (Shotgun)
  • Bud Puckett (Sap)
  • Jake (Former coffee shop employee)
  • Bartender
  • 2 WTO Guards
  • 2 Bouncers
  • 2 Dancers
  • Secretary
  • Omar Trader


Club Vox: Step-by-Step


Enemy Counts

  • 2 Security Bots
  • 6 Templar Recruits (Sniper Rifle(2), Pistol(3), Boltcaster) (Second visit)
  • 1 Templar Paladins (Sniper Rifle) (Second visit)
  • 1 Templar Captain (Flamethrower) (Second visit)
  • 1 Order Captain (Shotgun) (Second visit)

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • WTO Guard (Pistol)
  • Inclinator Manager
  • 2 Inclinator Workers (Upstairs)
  • 1 Inclinator Worker (Downstairs)
  • 2 Spiderbots

Fix the Inclinator

The Facility Director asks you to clear the gas out, fixing the Inclinator. You can either toggle the hazard flush system or release the repair bot. To do the former, you either need Neural Interface or the login, which is on a datacube near the ladder by the Inclinator itself. To do the latter, either brave the gas and open up the door with multitools, or run down the stairwell to find the maintenance worker who gives you the keycode for the door to where the repair bot is. He will give you the code even if you speak to him after the repair is done.

You can bypass both security bots easily by crawling through the ventilation shaft near the WTO Guard, then climbing up on the large crate when the other bot is facing away from you. Then you can fix the Inclinator any way you choose.

Bloodlust Notes

There are several NPCs to murder, though only one of them can fight back (WTO Guard). Since he disappears if you clear out the gas, you cannot both collect the reward for the quest and kill him. You can try to use the wooden crates nearby to make a wall to block the workers' view. This is possible, but prone to failure since you have to stack them 2 crates high and they can see through the slightest crack in your wall. The boxes themselves are also really fragile. In the end, though, it's your call on whether his death is worth losing the credits for cleaning it up.

WTO Terminal

Your last stop in Seattle, most likely. Head here after speaking with Lin-May and Ava Johnson in Lower Seattle, if you want a free ride. You can skip this area altogether if you instead hire Sid Black.

Financial Data

You can report to the Civic Manager the information you pilfered from Club Vox for a cash reward.

Rescue Ava

To free Ava, once you have the code from her in Lower Seattle you can enter the Hangar and start running amok. There are three guards in the area and two security bots. They are all well spaced out, though, so you can take them on one by one more or less. You'll need to obliterate the two turrets and unlock her chopper. Once you do the latter, three more guards will appear with beefier weapons.

Chat with Morgan

If you didn't speak with Lin-May a second time, you'll need to speak with Donna Morgan to get Ava or Sid to fly you to Mako. For hilarious conversation, make sure you wipe out everyone in the Terminal and Hangar first - Donna's responses are amazing.

Stealth/Passive Notes

The login for the security terminals is in the Hangar Tunnels. The softkey for the doors is in the south missile battery room, which can be entered via a ventilation shaft from Flight Control.

Enemy Counts


Ally/Neutral Counts

  • Civic Manager
  • Donna Morgan (Hologram)
  • Klara Sparks (Behind security screen)
  • WTO Captain
  • WTO Soldiers (SMG(2), Pistol)
  • 4 Patrons
  • Coffee Shop Manager

Loot List

Loot does not include items retrieved from the bodies of Allies or Neutrals.

Upper Seattle Outdoors

  • 1 ATM
  • 1 Flashbomb (Order Seeker)
  • 2 Boltcasters (Order Seeker, locker near muggers)
  • 5 Ammo Clips (Coffee Shops, locker near muggers, dumpster near muggers, Metro Station(2))
  • 2 Multitools (Coffee Shop, Overlook)
  • 2 Energy Cell (Overlook, Metro Station)
  • 5 Pistols (Muggers, Metro Thugs)
  • 1 Medkit (Metro station)
  • Glass Destabilizer Mod (Locker near muggers)
  • Stun prod (Metro station locker)
  • 1 Spiderbomb (Metro Thug)

Emerald Suites

  • 5 Multitools (Lobby, ventilation shaft, businessman Apt., underneath stairwell, Penthouse)
  • 2 EMP Grenades (Nassif's Apt., O'Rourke's Closet)
  • 3 Energy Cells (Nassif's Apt., Penthouse)
  • 1 Biomod Cannister (Nassif's Apt.)
  • 2 Scrambler Grenades (Nassif's Apt., O'Rourke's Closet)
  • Pistol (Businessman)
  • Silencer Mod (Businessman Apt.)
  • 2 Concussion Prox Mines (Businessman Apt.)
  • 2 Ammo Clips (Businessman Apt., O'Rourke's Closet)
  • 100 Credits (Businessman Apt.)
  • Boltcaster (Businessman Apt.)
  • Toxin Blade (Businessman Apt.)
  • Bugged Multitool (O'Rourke's roof)
  • 1 Concussion Grenade (O'Rourke's Closet)
  • 50 Credits (O'Rourke's Closet)
  • 3 Medkits (O'Rourke's Closet, Penthouse Bathroom, Penthouse)
  • 1 Sniper Rifle (O'Rourke's Closet)
  • 1 Spiderbomb (O'Rourke's Closet)
  • Binoculars (Penthouse)
  • 50 Credits (Penthouse)
  • EMP Converter Mod (Penthouse)
  • Energy Blade (Penthouse)

Club Vox

  • 100 Credits (At the bar)
  • 2 Multitools (Above "Secure Area" door near dance floor)
  • EMP Prox Mine ("Secure Area" near dance floor)
  • 2 Energy Cells (Office, Basement)
  • 325 Credits (Office)
  • Concussion Grenade (Office)
  • 3 Ammo Clips (Basement(2), Office)
  • SMG (Office)
  • 100 Credits (Basement)
  • Shotgun (Basement)
  • Glass Destabilizer Mod (Basement)
  • 1 Medkit (Basement)
  • 2 Black Market Biomods (Omar Trader, 1000 or 500 for the second)
  • Silencer Mod (Omar Trader - 600 or 300)
  • SMG (Omar Trader - 800 or 400)

Inclinator (Upper and Lower)

  • 5 Multitools (Near upper entrance, Office, Rafters, near second security bot, dumpster(Lower))
  • 2 EMP Grenades (Near second security bot, bottom of shaft(Lower))
  • 100 Credits (Office)
  • 3 Ammo Clips (Near Office entrance, repair bot closet, lookover deck(Lower))
  • 2 Concussion Grenades (Near hazard flush)
  • 1 Gas Grenade (Near hazard flush)
  • 3 Medkits (Near the first security bot, at bottom of shaft(Lower), lookover deck(Lower))
  • 1 Concussion Prox Mine (Under stairwell near security bots)
  • 1 SMG (lookover deck(Lower))
  • 1 EMP Converter (lookover deck(Lower))

WTO Terminal

  • Scrambler Grenade (Civic Manager's Locker)
  • 2 EMP Grenades (Civic Manager's Locker, WTO Soldier Spawn)
  • Silencer Mod (Civic Manager's Locker)
  • 10 Ammo clips (Civic Manager's Locker, WTO Soldiers, north missile control room)
  • Boltcaster (WTO Soldiers)
  • Pistol (WTO Soldiers)
  • 2 Spiderbombs (WTO Soldiers, Hangar storage shed)
  • 1 Shotgun (WTO Soldiers)
  • 3 Concussion Grenade (WTO Soldiers, WTO Soldiers Spawn)
  • 2 Multitools (Hangar tunnels, ventilation shaft near south missile battery)
  • Black Market Biomod (Hangar storage shed)
  • 2 Medkit (Hangar storage shed, north missile control room)
  • Increased Damage Mod (Flight Control)
  • Shotgun (WTO Soldier Spawn)
  • SMG (WTO Soldier Spawn)
  • Flamethrower (WTO Soldier Spawn)
  • Bugged Multitool: Donna Morgan's Office

Bloodlust Loot List

These are items you can get from murdering Neutral or Allied NPCs

Upper Seattle Outdoors

  • Concussion Grenade (WTO Guard)
  • SMG (WTO Guard)
  • Pistol (WTO Guard)
  • 2 Ammo Clips
  • 1 Flashbomb

Emerald Suites

  • EMP Grenade (SSC Guard)
  • Flashbomb (SSC Guard)
  • Shotgun (SSC Guard)
  • Pistol (SSC Guard)

Club Vox

  • Flashbomb (WTO Guard)
  • SMG (WTO Guard)
  • Boltcaster (Club Owner)
  • Shotgun (Bouncer)
  • Concussion Grenade (WTO Guard)
  • Pistol (WTO Guard)
  • 150 Credits (Secretary area)
  • Stun prod (Secretary area)

Inclinator (Upper and Lower)

  • Concussion Grenade (WTO Guard)
  • Pistol (WTO Guard)

WTO Terminal

  • 2 Flashbombs (WTO Soldier)
  • 3 Ammo Clips (WTO Soldier)
  • 1 Pistol (WTO Soldier)
  • 2 SMG (WTO Soldier)
  • 1 Concussion Grenade (WTO Soldier)

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