Deus Ex 2: Bug Alerts

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Whether due to its simplicity or cross-development for console, Deus Ex 2 had surprisingly few bugs, and just about no Showstoppers are present. There are a few annoyances, however, and a few things you should look out for if you are trying to avoid having to repeat any areas.

Bugged Multitools

The most common bug in DX2 are corrupted multitools. Though as far as the game is concerned there is only "one" type of multitool, there are actually three distinct "types" present. These are:

Normal Multitools

Non-bugged tools. Thankfully they are the majority.

Non-stacking Multitools

These multitools are bugged in that they will not stack with "Normal" multitools. They will stack with each other, indicating that they are just a different class of item that somehow made their way into the game. Given that a single stack of normal tools can go up to 20, and there are plenty throughout the entire game, there's no reason to waste an extra slot picking up these ones.

Replicating Multitools

These are the funny ones. They are similar to the non-stacking multitools in that they will not stack with normal multitools. Furthermore, if you attempt to pick these ones up and fail (Which will likely happen, since your inventory will likely be full by the first time you encounter one), it creates a duplicate tool in the same spot. For each attempt you make to pick one up, it once again duplicates itself. It's very easy to end up having hundreds of multitools in one single spot. While you could abuse this, duplicating 20 and then creating a new stack, that's an obvious cheat and not suggested.

Unfinished Maps

It is possible to escape the map in certain areas. If you happen to do this, accidentally or not, you inevitably die. Be careful of this when exploring.

Mako Ballistics

The first example is Mako Ballistics - it's very easy to jump over the edge of the wall that Ava plants you next to, as it is a shorter climb than many jumps you've already made. Yet, if you do this, you'll find yourself trapped in a dead space with broken textures on one side.

Missing NPCs causing crash

The only verified report of this is with Billie Adams, and only if you kill her when you first meet her in Tarsus. It's confirmed that this will crash the game on the Xbox version if you enter the Order Mosque in Cairo. It is unconfirmed if it also crashes the PC version.

MechanoMan NPCs

NPCs in Deus Ex are very determined to use their proper patrol paths. So determined, in fact, that if you try to blockade them with objects such as heavy crates or barrels, they most often can simply obliterate the object or send it flying. They will casually kick aside barrels, crates, bodies, et cetera.

Suicidal NPCs

Uncommon, but it still happens. Occasionally, a defenseless NPC will run with reckless abandon away from you or another enemy, even if it means putting themselves in lethal danger. The scientists in Tarsus, for instance, can be spooked and may decide to run towards the hallway you came from, after which the automated turret will fire upon them.

Other times, a neutral NPC may run towards a gas cloud, prox mine or other danger.

Disappearing NPCs

Often if you go hostile in an area or some other form of violence happens that spooks the locals, many of the unimportant and unarmed NPCs will flee. The game has a habit of making these NPCs disappear forever if they leave your line of sight. This doesn't happen to any plot-critical characters, but can be an annoyance if you are looking to unload a storm of justice all over some innocent townsfolk face.

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