Deus Ex 2: Early Game Walkthrough: Seattle Step-by-Step

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Your main priority in Seattle is to plunder as many biomod canisters and weapon mods as you can, to bring yourself up to full strength faster. There are no especially difficult areas or encounters here, with the exception of the WTO Air Terminal, which can get pretty hairy.

Note that while the step-by-steps will follow a set progression, you're really pretty free to tackle each area as you see fit. The progression is only a suggestion; it is geared for both maximum profit and minimum backtracking, with profit taking precedence in the event of a conflict. However, if you're more comfortable going in a different order, by all means do so.

Upper Seattle City Center

Upper Seattle City Center Data

As you enter Upper Seattle Outdoors for the first time, you'll see a pair of WTO guards in front of you. They have nice loot, so we'll want to take them out. Using a Flashbomb to disable them is safest, but you can also just walk up and bonk them with your Baton, or shoot them in the head with your Pistol. They drop 1 Pistol, 1 SMG, 2 Partially Depleted Ammo Clips, 1 Concussion Grenade, and 1 Flashbomb. Hang a right as you exit the checkpoint and go up the stairs. Hang a left at the top of the stairs, and look around until you find an Order Seeker that's preaching. Click through the conversation, but stay polite to her. She's got a Boltcaster we want, but it's imperative you don't let the Aero Security Bot on this level see you subdue her. After making sure the bot isn't looking, whack the Order Seeker with your Baton, optionally using a pistol shot to finish her off. Loot the Boltcaster, Flashbomb, and Ammo Clip she has.

If you intend to dispose of the Aero Security Bots on this stage, jump down to the first level again and find the citizen watching a holo of Chad Dumier. Knock him out or kill him now; otherwise he will run scared to the Pequod's Coffee Shop on this level and muck up a quest you can get for Lower Seattle. While you're there, access the datacube for a map of Upper Seattle.

Turn around and head toward the coffee shop. Talk to the manager to get a quest to attack the QueeQueg's in Lower Seattle. Go behind the desk and grab an ammo clip, but resist the temptation to hack the soda machine, lest you frighten your new client. Head down the stairs to the lounge and grab 1 Multitool underneath the desk. Walk back upstairs and grab the candy bar (1 Food) on the table on your way out of the coffee shop. Walk back to the main plaza and wait for the Aero Security Bot to path toward the Inclinator. Follow it.

There are 3 thugs here that will accost you as you walk toward the Inclinator. Any response except for "You picked the wrong person to mug, punk", will keep them peaceful. Calling them punks will turn them hostile, but the Aero Security Bot will not take kindly to their attack and will open fire. Retreat behind the bot and let them fight it out. Most times, the bot will beat them soundly, but every once in a while the bot will actually lose. Fortunately, all the thugs use pistols and don't have much health, so between the 5 or 6 weapons you can have by now you shouldn't have any issue with them. After they're all dead, pick up the 1 Ammo Clip and the 1 EMP grenade they drop. If the Aero Security Bot is at about 33% health or so, you can pretty safely pistol it to death now. The Thugs' trunk contains a Boltcaster, a Glass Destabilizer, and an Ammo Clip, so crack it open with a Multitool and loot it. Apply the Glass Destabilizer to your Pistol. Head back up the stairs and go toward the "Historical Site", as indicated by the arrow. If you're of a mind, now's the best time to scrap the second Aero Security Bot by hurling an EMP Grenade at it. Keep following the Historical Site indicator until you come to a small area with a security camera and a turret. Look to your right and grab a Multitool that's resting on one of the couches.

Right now, we want to get behind the laser-alarmed glass that's on the opposite side of this room. We can do this the easy way or the loud way.

The easy way: Shoot the glass with your glass destabilizer pistol and loot the contents of the window (1 Biocell and 1 Multitool) when the camera is looking the other way.

The loud way: Throw an EMP grenade at the turret to keep it silent, then bash the glass open with your baton. This will summon a hostile WTO soldier that wields a Pistol and has an Ammo Clip and 1 Concussion Grenade on him. Do note, however, that the blast from your EMP grenade will likely disable the nearby ATM, rendering it useless for hacking.

In the end, the choice is yours. Head back down the stairs and follow the path straight up, heading up to the metro station. This place has been appropriated by a gang of thugs who are extorting you for more credits. There are a variety of ways to deal with this situation.

  • Pay the fare (250 credits on Realistic)
  • Sneak in through the vent you passed on your way up the stairs and ambush the thugs. This is considered the safest way to deal with things, since you can rip loose on the thugs from the vent and they will have a very hard time aiming at you behind so much cover.
  • Annoy the thugs by punching the attendant's lights out through the window, and ambushing them as they come out the door. This will usually mean you take a hit or two, but it's nothing to bother a body.
  • Throw an EMP grenade at the yellow beams to deactivate them.
  • Just run through the yellow beams (Need to heal afterward).
  • Sneak in through the vent and punch the button to deactivate the beams, located right next to the Nervous Attendant. You can also hack the computer to do this, but it takes longer and is more likely to get you noticed.

Pick up the spoils if you disposed of the thugs: 1 Shotgun, 1 Spiderbomb, 2 Pistols from the thugs, and 3 Ammo Clips, 1 Medkit, 1 Biocell, 1 Food, 1 Riot Baton, and the Softkey from the rest of the transit kiosk.

This pretty much wraps up Upper Seattle. From here, you can go anywhere you please, really, but I recommend Club Vox. The cost of admission will be quickly be reimbursed with the loot and quests you can get in there, and it allows for the most profitable path in the end. However, hitting it first will mean you have to visit the club twice to finish everything up. You may wish to go to Emerald Suites instead to minimize backtracking. Upon your return visits the city center, you will occasionally find respawned WTO guards. They pack anything from Pistols to SMGs to Shotguns and drop Ammo Clips, Concussion Grenades, and Spiderbombs. They start out neutral, so as long as you're quiet you can knock them out one at a time with no risk to yourself. Very worth taking them down.

Club Vox

Club Vox Data

This will vary a little depending on where you've been before, but generally speaking it is the same.

Pay up to get inside. If you're male, head out onto the dance floor (directly in front of you, past the bouncer), and chat with Lionel. After he's done talking, chat with the Minister of Culture and say you'd 'love to be his chamber boy' to get him to cough up the softkey to his penthouse in the Emerald Suites. If you are female, do not bother. The Minister of Culture is gay and the best you can do is buy the back door softkey from Lionel for 300 credits, which is a ripoff. There is a 50 credit chit behind the bar, though, so you may wish to pick that up. Head up the stairs to the right of the door and take your first left at the top of the stairs. Take another left and the Club Owner will give you the quest to assassinate O'Rourke in the Emerald Suites. You can chat with the NG Resonance holo if you like, but that's really a waste of time. Later, you can turn in the VIP lounge as a black-market contact point, but that will annoy the Omar for a pitiful credit bonus, and you will have to wait until Cairo to regain any discounts. Do a 180 and follow the route until it dead-ends near a secure door. Hug the railing on the left side and jump up when you reach the wall, hauling yourself up onto the ceiling. You may have to jump onto the railing next to you to do this. Grab the 1 Multitool in front of you and climb through the vent. You'll end up in a storage room with 1 EMP Prox Mine and 1 Crowbar. Loot as you see fit and then exit to your right.

Crouch, wait, and listen. You should be able to hear a bouncer walking around. Keep your eyes open. When you see him, sneak up behind him and deal with him silently; your Baton, or the Crowbar you just walked by will work well. This bouncer only carries a pistol, but if you raise a ruckus you will alert his nearby friend, who has a Sniper Rifle. Nearby, you should hear a spider bot and see a vent. If you're thinking of going through any doors, you're going the wrong way at this point. Make your way through the vent and blast the Spider Bot. Don't worry about making noise; you're far enough away that nobody will hear you now. You'll come out of the vent in the Club Owner's office. The office itself contains 1 Biocell, 25 credits (underneath the trash can), an SMG (underneath the desk), the Softkey for the basement, 2 bottles of wine (Vice), and some binoculars. There's a safe on the wall with only 1 lock. Multitool it open and loot the 1 Concussion Grenade, 1 Ammo Clip, 300 credits (three 100-credit chits). Examine the datacube and get some data a WTO official will be interested in later.

Exit the office and turn right. Follow the hall to a door with a button next to it. Crouch and hug the right side wall, then press the button. There is a Bouncer out in the next room with a Sniper Rifle, and if he sees you in the hall you're in right now he will go hostile. Wait until he is faced away, then waltz out. Once you're in the VIP lounge, you're safe. Use this opportunity to knock out the Bouncer and appropriate his Sniper Rifle. Then have a chat with the Omar.

The Omar will ask you to steal some data from the basement. Since we just got the softkey, let's go ahead and do this. Head down the stairs and take the last right at the end of the hall. Pop open the door with the basement softkey and head on down. There's 2 flares on the shelves here if you feel the need to take them. Keep following the hallway and go through the door at the end. You'll find a pair of red alarm beams. You can hack the security computer to deactivate the beams, or use your EMP mine from earlier on countdown mode to disable them. You can also just walk through the beams. It will release a Spider Bot to attack you, but nobody else in the club goes hostile or even notices. In the back store room, you will find 1 Medkit, 1 Energy Cell, 1 Glass Destabilizer, 1 Shotgun, 2 Ammo Clips, and 100 credits. Hit the datacube on the big block in the middle to complete the mission for the Omar. Be sure to drop by the Omar in the VIP lounge before you go to pick up your reward: a black-market biomod canister. If you have the dough, you can buy another black-market biomod canister from the Omar; it's a very good investment.

You're pretty much done here at this point. If you're playing Bloodlust, hold off on cleaning this place out until you kill O'Rourke and come back to collect your reward from the Club Owner. When you do clean the place out, be sure to keep an eye on the sealed room the receptionist is in; you can get 150 credits on 2 chits inside, but one of the NPCs has to open the door for you. I suggest you head to the Emerald Suites next.

Emerald Suites

Emerald Suites Data

Chat to the Janitor quick, just to see if you're at all interested in the codes he sells. He's overpriced, though, so you probably won't be.

Hang an immediate left and head down the hallway. Dispose of the SSC Shotgun guard silently and steal his EMP grenade and Ammo Clip. Do a 180 and head back to the main lobby. Whap the SSC Pistol guard over the head to put him down and ellicit some hysterical commentary by the Janitor, including "Here we go again--see ya!" The Janitor will go red, but he is harmless and can be let go or disposed of at your discretion. Loot the Ammo Clip and Flashbomb from the SSC guard. Head through the door the Janitor was in front of and mount the first flight of stairs. Go through the vent right in front of you. There's a Spider Bot ahead, so keep your head up. After you smash the Spider Bot, poke around until you find a vent leading down. Billie will inform you that you've found Nassif's place. Drop down.

Click through the holocomm conversation with Billie, then turn around and get the 2 food from Nassif's kitchenette (bread on the counter, soy in the fridge). Go into the bedroom and ransack it. There's 2 energy cells (1 on the nightstand, the other under the bed), and 1 Biomod canister and 1 Scramble Grenade in the chest. Inspect the datacube on the desk and try to avoid putting your fist through your monitor as Billie spews snap judgments. Head back through the living room and let yourself out.

Head back through the vents again. Instead of going straight and dropping into Nassif's apartment again, hang a right. Look right as you pass the first fan for 1 Multitool. Follow the vent to its end. Open the vent and glance down. You'll see a hostile businessman. Kill or incapacitate him before you drop down so you'll be free from retribution. On his desk you'll find a Concussion Prox Mine, a Silencer, and a datacube with some useless information. Head into his bedroom. There's 1 Concussion Prox Mine on his nightstand, 1 Toxin Blade under his pillow, and 1 Boltcaster, 1 Multitool, and 100 credits in his cabinet. Let yourself out and hang a left. Mount the stairs. Head through the clear door and look behind the stairs for 1 Multitool. Our goal here is to take down everyone inside the suite. There are a couple ways to approach this.

  • If you have spoken to the Club Vox Owner, you can simply use the intercom and give them the SMG shipment line. The guard will let you in. Turn right and hug the wall until you see an opening on your right. O'Rourke and his shotgun-wielding guard will be in the living room. Walk up to O'Rourke, talk to him, and click through the conversation. Bluff that you represent his new supplier, then demand a "good-faith" payment. O'Rourke coughs up and remains neutral. You'll now need to dispose of them both. The easiest way is to simply throw a Flashbomb while they are both looking at you, which will give you all the distraction you need to put them both down. If you don't have any way to distract them, though, go for the bodyguard first, then go for O'Rourke. O'Rourke only has a Pistol and is not much of a threat. They carry nothing more than their weapons.
  • Head through the clear door and get onto the roof. You'll need to bring an EMP grenade to deal with the Security Bot on the roof. From there, you can shoot out the armed glass and blast O'Rourke with relative impunity. Note that you will trigger an alarm if you do not use a glass destabilizer.
  • Use a multitool to let yourself in and just murder everything.

In any case, note that if the alarm is tripped for any reason, it will spawn 2 SSC guards that will very slowly work their way up to the suite. One has a Pistol and a Flashbomb, the other has an SMG and a Concussion Grenade. It may be worth triggering the alarm yourself by shooting a window out if you want. The minifridge near the pool table has a Soy packet (1 Food). In the bedroom, there's a pair of golden lasers that guard, in total, 1 Sniper Rifle, 50 credits, 1 Scramble Grenade, 2 Ammo Clips, and 1 Medkit. Be aware that if you use a Concussion Grenade to blow up the gold lasers, you'll also trigger the Scramble Grenade.

Head back to the main lobby and mount the stairs heading to the vent again, but this time keep going and go all the way up to the penthouse. If you are male and got the softkey from the Minister of Culture, you can just let yourself in. Otherwise you will have to use a Multitool. The alternate entrance is the elevator shaft, which likewise requires you to use 1 Multitool to shut off the electric arcs so you don't get fried. Go into the Penthouse.

Head to the shelves in front of you and grab the 2 Soy packages (2 Food) and 1 Multitool in them. Turn right and head into the living room. There is a Spider Bot around that needs to be killed. Beyond that, disable the lasers by hacking the nearby security computer or using an EMP explosive. An EMP mine in the middle of the floor on countdown mode works especially well here, since the blast radius is far greater than a normal EMP nade. Turn left and head follow the route around to a rec room with a pool table and bar. Go behind the bar and break the wine bottles. Inspect the datacube behind them for the keycode to the vault.

Mount the stairs, and avoid the camera on your way across the 2nd floor landing into the bedroom. You may optionally disable it, but avoiding it is easy enough. In the bedroom, grab the 50 credit chit on the nightstand further from the door. In the dresser, there's a security computer to open the door (unnessecery), 1 Binoculars, and 1 Biocell. The bathroom door is just to the left of the dresser and has 1 Medkit (anyone's guess why the Minister of Culture keeps a medkit in the bathroom). Use the keycode you found earlier to let yourself into the vault. The display windows have 1 EMP Converter, which you should install on your pistol immediately, and 1 Energy Blade. Inspect the datacube on the desk and help yourself to 1 Medkit on the desk, as well. We're done here. Exit both the Penthouse and Emerald Suites.

Don't forget to stop by Club Vox to collect your reward from the owner. After you're done there, I recommend you head to the Inclinator. We need to hit the Greasel Pit in Lower Seattle before we're ready to go to the WTO Air Terminal.

Inclinator 1

Inclinator Data

Talk to the Director, then turn left and head up the small flight of stairs you see. Grab the 1 Multitool next to the boxes. Turn around and go around the corner, clicking through the conversation with the WTO Guard. This guy will drop 1 Ammo Clip and 1 Concussion Grenade. He will disappear when you fix the inclinator, so if you want to deal with him it needs to be now. However, if you knock him out as is, one of the Inclinator's maintenance workers will see you and turn his co-workers red, effectively forfeiting the reward for the mission. So, if you want the guard's concussion grenade, use the wooden boxes piled up around this area to form a breastwork in front of the Inclinator worker that's facing you. You can then deal with the WTO guard however you please, so long as it's silent. Don't forget to hide the body somewhere; the workers get skittish and will refuse to talk to you for a freaking eternity if they see it.

Break or move the wooden pallet next to the WTO Guard and pull yourself through the vent. Be careful as you exit. There is a quadriped Security Bot patrolling this hallway and it will screw you up hard if it gets a look at you. Slip out of the vent, then stand up and jump on top of the vent grate you opened on your way out. Hop up, pull yourself over the railing, and turn left. Grab the Ammo Clip hiding near the wooden boxes in front of you, then head into the director's office. Pick up the 1 Multitool and the 50 credit chit on the shelves on the far side of the room.

From here, our ultimate goal is to either to let the Repair Bot out of its kennel, or get to the overlook above the chemical spill and use its 'cycle' command.

  • Using the Hazard Flush system is probably the easiest. Pop open the vent in the director's office and follow it through. You'll end up on the rafters above the chemical spill. Stay crouched so you have more control over your movements, then follow the rafter beams over to the far left. Follow the beams forward until you come onto the landing. The computer is at the center of the far wall. If you don't have Neural Interface to hack it, head down the ladder to your left. Near the base of that ladder, there's a datacube with the login credentials you need. Open the computer and activate the hazard flush.
  • Freeing the Repair Bot is also not hard, though you get some resistance that way. Come through the vent from the Manager's Office. On the rafters, you'll spot another vent at approximately your 2 o'clock. Follow the rafters over there, pop open the vent, and take the second route downward that you come to. There's a Spider Bot in there that'll need to be dealt with, but there should be no further resistance.
  • Also an option if you fall from the rafters or otherwise experience trouble, merely run like crazy through the chemical spill to the stairs leading down. They are directly adjacent to the inclinator, on the far east. Dash down the stairs and talk to the maintenance worker. He'll cough up the keycode to the Repair Bot kennel. The kennel is right at the top of the stairs, on your right as you finish climbing them. Activate the keypad and hide in the kennel until the nanoformer bot finishes cleaning up the area.

Once the place is cleaned up, head down to the maintenance worker on the far east side of the inclinator and get the Repair Bot kennel keycode if you don't have it already. The Repair Bot will hang around, helpfully refilling your bioenergy every time you come through here, so it's a nice extra bonus to cleaning up the chemical spill. The Security Bots are now neutral, so head back to collect your reward from the Supervisor. Loot up. There's 2 food items (Soda) and 1 Medkit in the room near the first Security Bot. Head down the stairs to the hallway where the second Security Bot is at. Grab the Concussion Prox Mine underneath the stairs, then crouch into the crawlspace next to the stairs and pick up the 1 EMP Grenade hidden among the boxes. There's also 1 Ammo Clip in the Repair Bot Kennel, and 1 more food item (candy bar) by the maintenance worker with the kennel keycode. Up near the security computer, there is a 1-lock chest which contains 2 Concussion Grenades and 1 Gas Grenade. Well worth cracking it open. Go ahead and take the inclinator down.

Glance to your left as the inclinator comes to a stop. Notice the balcony above you. With a well-placed barrel and some skillful jumping, you can haul yourself up there. Alternatively, crack the 1-lock keypad near the inclinator worker to let yourself in. In the storage room you come up to, plunder 1 EMP Converter, 1 SMG, 1 Medkit, and 1 Ammo Clip.

Climb down the ladder near the locked keypad to get to the inclinator underworks. There's a Spider Bot down there, so be careful. Grab the 1 EMP Grenade and 1 Medkit. There's also 1 Phosphorus Flare down there, if you're of a mind to take that. Climb back up the ladder and turn right. Jump into the dumpster for 1 Multitool before you head out the exit to Lower Seattle Slums.

Lower Seattle Slums

Lower Seattle Slums Data

Do yourself a favor and knock out Lo-Town Lucy and/or Mack as you come in here. Otherwise they'll continue chattering all the times you walk by them and they'll be a real irritation.

After that's dealt with, go past them and open up the sewer grate on the floor. Keep your head up; there's 2 Karkians down here. They can do a lot of damage in melee, so it's best to use a ranged weapon. If you get cornered or run down, jump OVER the Karkians. They have a really hard time tracking you through this move and you can usually get a few seconds to move yourself before they re-acquire you. After they're dead, collect up the loot. There's 1 Medkit near a pile of bones. Near a dead Omar, there's a 100 credit chit, 1 Spiderbomb, 1 Scramble Mine, 1 Energy Blade, and a Red Greasel Hunter (Unique Pistol).

Leave the sewer. Dumpster holds 2 Food if you're interested. Follow the alleyway around to find an Omar merchant. He's selling a black-market biomod (500 credits on Realistic, with Omar price cut), some biocells (300 credits for 2), and some EMP grenades (200 credits for 2). The biomod is a must-buy, the other two are at your discretion. If you are done buying everything you want from the traders, you may consider murdering the merchant now. You will have an opportunity to earn your preferred customer status back again later. The Omar Merchant has a Sniper Rifle and a Boltcaster, while the Omar Protector carries the first Flamethrower in the game. The footlocker (2-lock) contains an SMG, 2 Ammo Clips, 1 Scramble Mine, a useless Datacube, and a Medkit. The most efficient way to do this is to just wait until the Protector paths back to the Merchant, then throw a Concussion Grenade down their throats. This will kill both of them and blow off the footlocker's top in one stroke. Note that you will lose the Scramble Mine in the detonation if you run it like this. The Thug around the corner may go hostile if he sees you killing the Omar, but he carries only a Pistol.

Let's break into QueeQueg's Coffee Shop here. Easiest way to do it is to climb up on the dumpster and open the vent just to the left of the window (alarm-armed). Crawl through the vent, which will take you inside the coffee shop. There's 200 credits in two 100-credit chits on the counter. The Softkey for the front door is also on the counter. There's also 2 Food (soy) near the expresso machines.

The most efficient way to destroy the coffee beans is to have Bot Domination. Commandeer the turret in the area and blast the coffee beans. It destroys the beans at the cost of a little bioenergy. Another economical way to deal with it is to appropriate the Flamethrower the Omar Protector outside has and go nuts with it. Failing all that, a Shotgun will do the trick, as will a grenade. Let yourself out with the Softkey.

Head to the Greasel Pit first. It's back toward the Inclinator; look for the bar's sign.

Greasel Pit

Get your weapons locked and head in. Look right as you enter the main bar area to see Sid Black. Chat with him to get the quest to liberate his jet. You don't really need to do this to complete the mission, but it helps in case you want to pay off his creditor, Sophia Sak.

Continue forward, turning right, and then right again when you can. You'll see a holo-jukebox on your left; search around the base to pick up a Multitool. Talk to Leo if you want. Turn around, turn right at the bar. The hall cuts off to the left. Follow it. You'll come to a door on your right. Enter and use the holo-communicator inside to introduce yourself to Ava Johnson. Turn left after the conversation ends to pick up another Multitool. Turn around again and head down the hall. There's 1 food (soda) on the bench on your left if you want it. Beyond the bench, there's a stairwell heading down. Follow the stairs down. When you pass a closed locker, open it to get a third Multitool. Keep going down until you come up to the Greasel Pit. Ignore the Bookie, walk to the far side of the ring, and turn left. Chat with Eddie to get the job to kill Gob-zilla.

We're done here for now. Head back out. Once you're back on the Slum streets, follow the alleyway around, back toward QueeQueg's. There's an entrance to the Heron's Loft Apartments near the Order Church. Travel to the Apartments.

Heron's Loft Apartments

ATM's on your right as you come in, hack it if you can. The guard ahead has a Shotgun and will spout some useless information as you approach. Get rid of him and toss his body somewhere it won't get in the way. Head down the door with "Heron's Loft" over it, and take the first door on your left. The QueeQueg's manager will give you a quest for the WTO Terminal. Turn left to head to his bedroom. Lots of stuff here: the Softkey to the coffee shop if you haven't been there yet, a 25 credit chit, 2 Food (soy), 1 Medkit, and a set of Binoculars. Head back to the hall and head to the end, where there is a broken elevator. (cont later)