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PIHwiki is where you find the guides, tactics, tips and tricks about how to beat games on hardcore.

What's hardcore? Also called "Ironman", or "No Reload", it's a mode of playing when you never reload (except for quitting the game or having the game crashed, obviously). In particular, death means restarting the game.

Why play Hardcore? Because it's fun. It gives certain depth to in-game actions. Try it.


Originally, the site was called playithardcore.com. Unfortunately, it suffered hosting failures. Multiple times. In the end, it never recovered. You can browse some of that history on the archive page.

However, you don't just shut down a site like PlayItHardcore. It has become a too valuable source of information for many people. So, it was rebuilt by enthusiasts, using web archives. Much was lost, but much was saved.

Current state

The wiki is fully operational and not going away. Feel free to use and contribute (but make sure to take a look at Page Standards before starting a guide).

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