Deus Ex 2: Early Game Walkthrough: Mako Ballistics

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With the exception of the Janitor and the Scientists, everyone and everything at Mako is hostile. It's decently challenging for Stealth or other specialty playstyles, but isn't any more difficult than the WTO Hangar in terms of guard population and armament. There will be no bloodlust notes for this walkthrough, as there is only a single WTO Guard and several unarmed scientists for you to pick off.

Mako Ballistics Exterior

Where you land is determined on whether you use Ava's free ride or hire Sid Black. Ava drops you off at the SW end of the compound, away from the entrance. Sid Black deposits you on the other side of the compound, above the front door. Sid's location makes it trivial for Stealth/Passive players to enter, as you can simply mosey across the front door eave and enter.

There are three entrances to the facility

  • Main Entrance (Requires keycode)
  • Maintenance Entrance (At the Cargo Bay)
  • Vent shaft Entrance (NW Corner)

The Main Entrance puts you in the lobby. The Maintenance entrance deposits you in the tunnels beneath the main floor. The Vent shaft entrance puts you into a conference room near the weapons lab. The Main Entrance is the most dangerous, and is not advised. The Vent shaft entrance is better, but the preferred choice will likely be the maintenance entrance as it leaves you with running room and other options.

  • The Hunter Seeker is a powerful bot. It's blast can do a decent chunk of damage. You cannot survive more than 2 hits from it, so attempt to disable it remotely or sneak up on it with an EMP attack.
  • When you return to the entrance to leave, more guards and bots will have spawned. One spawns in the Cargo Bay corridor with a Flamethower. Another spawns in the Cargo Bay stairwell with an SMG. Two spawn near the entrance with a Sniper Rifle and a Pistol. For this reason, once again, do not use the main entrance - return through one of the alternate entrances.

Stealth/Passive Notes

  • 3 of the guards are patrolling the entrance
  • The 4th guard is patrolling the cargo bay
  • The vent shaft near Ava's dropoff leads to the groundskeepers room
  • Down the hallway from the groundskeepers room is a vent shaft that leads outside. The exit is blocked by a box.

Enemy Counts

  • 4 SSC Guards (SMG(2), Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower)
  • 2 Spiderbots
  • 1 Hunter Seeker security bot
  • 4 SSC Guard Spawns (Flamethrower, SMG, Pistol, Sniper Rifle)

Ally/Neutral Counts

Mako Ballistics Ground Floor

  • The Weapons Lab keycode is on a datacube in the Maintenance Tunnels
  • The Biolab access code is in the lobby
  • The facility has a power box near in a closet near the Advanced Weapons room / Maint. Tunnels. If you trigger it, the lights go out in that area. It doesn't disable the nearby cameras, however.

Lobby Area

  • A security bot patrols the hallway. If you sneak up from the maintenance tunnels, you can silently disable it with EMP to not get the guards attention. There is a vent shaft in the hallway the bot patrols that leads to the Maintenance Tunnels.
  • One guard patrols the lobby, with no line of site to the hallway. There is a turret in this area.

Maintenance Tunnels

A single pistol guard is in here. He patrols the area near the entrance, but won't come all the way to it. One route takes you to the lobby area, the other takes you to the Advanced Weapons Lab / Conference room area. There is a vent shaft near this latter area that leads back to the lobby hallway.

Advanced Weapons

  • This is your first chance to pick up a Mag Rail, one of the best weapons in the game depending on your playstyle.
  • Two guards patrol this area, near the conference room. One is in a security room and the other makes patrols.
  • You can skip getting the keycode by hopping up into the Vent shaft near the door. You may need to stand on a box to get up to it.
  • If you tell the Mag Rail scientist you "Won't break it", he'll walk up into his room. If you are opting to kill him you can do it there without having the guard and bot jump you.
  • If you cause a ruckus in here, two more SSC Guards spawn in the adjacent hallway

Enemy Counts

  • 4 SSC Guards (Pistol(2), SMG, Flamethrower)
  • 1 Security Bot
  • 2 Spiderbots (Lobby vent shaft, Adv Weapons Vent Shaft)
  • 2 SSC Guard Spawn (Shotgun, SMG)
  • 1 SSC Guard Spawn (SMG)

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • 1 SSC Guard (Pistol)
  • 2 Scientists

Mako Ballistics Biolab

  • One of the guards here carries a shotgun. Be careful
  • The access code to Stan's office is in the Guard Station
  • The login to the Security Computer holding the Grey hostage is on a table near it
  • The Grey is allied to you and will attack the SSC Guards
  • A vent shaft in the upper Biolab will let you bypass the 3rd guard and the turret.
  • When you leave this area, a new SSC Guard will spawn in the lobby

Enemy Counts

  • 3 SSC Guards (SMG(2), Shotgun)

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • 2 Scientists
  • Project Director
  • 1 Grey

Loot List


  • 12 Ammo Clips (SSC Guards, Cargo bay, Groundskeepers room, roof above cargo bay, Guard Spawn)
  • 7 Concussion Grenades (SSC Guards, cargo bay, dumpster, Guard Spawns)
  • Flashbomb (SSC Guard)
  • 3 SMGs (SSC Guards, Guard Spawn)
  • 1 EMP Grenade (Locker in Cargo bay)
  • 3 Medkits (Locker in Cargo bay, dumpster, Groundskeepers room)
  • 4 Multitools (Cargo bay, Ava's dropoff, vent shaft near Groundskeepers room, NW entrance)
  • 3 Sniper Rifles (SSC Guard, Roof above Cargo Bay, Guard Spawn)
  • 1 Pistol (SSC Guard Spawn)
  • Bugged Multitool (Ventilation near Ava's dropoff)
  • 1 Energy Cell (Ventilation near Ava's dropoff)
  • Increased Range Mod (Groundskeepers room)
  • Flamethrower (Guard Spawn)

Ground Floor

  • 2 EMP Grenades (SSC Guard, Guard Spawn)
  • 3 Pistols (SSC Guards)
  • 13 Ammo Clips (SSC Guards, Maint. Tunnel Access, Maint. Room, Maint. Tunnels, Security Room)
  • 1 Crowbar (Maintenance Tunnels)
  • 1 Combat Knife (Maintenance Tunnels)
  • 3 Concussion Grenade (SSC Guard,Maintenance Tunnel Access, SSC Guard Spawn)
  • 1 Sniper Rifle (Maintenance Tunnel Access)
  • 2 Energy Cell (Maintenance Room, Maint. Tunnels)
  • 3 Medkits (Maintenance Tunnels, Security Room, Conference Room)
  • 5 Multitools (Maintenance Tunnels, Lobby Hallway, Lobby, Adv. Weapons)
  • Gas Grenade (Closet near Adv. Weapons)
  • Stun Prod (Closet near Adv. Weapons)
  • 2 Flashbombs (Security Room, SSC Guard)
  • 2 Energy Cells (Security Room, Conference Room)
  • 1 Refire Rate Mod (Security Room)
  • 4 SMGs (SSC Guard,Security Room, SSC Guard Spawns)
  • Flamethrower (SSC Guard)
  • Mag Rail (Adv. Weapons)
  • Shotgun (SSC Guard Spawn)


  • 4 Ammo Clips (SSC Guards, Guard Station)
  • Shotgun (SSC Guard)
  • 2 SMGs (SSC Guards)
  • 2 Spiderbombs (SSC Guard, Guard Station)
  • 2 Medkits (Guard Station, Stan's Office)
  • 1 Energy Cell (Stan's Office)
  • 2 Multitools (Labs)
  • 1 Biomod Cannister (Lab)
  • 1 Concussion Grenade (SSC Guard)

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