Deus Ex 2: Mid Game Walkthrough: Medina

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Medina is two maps, North and South. You land in the South Medina, which is the more boring of the two. There is a hostile encounter with a few locals... unless you are willing to give up some money. North Medina includes several interesting encounters, and your first chance to kill (or assist) (in a legit fashion) a fellow nano-augmented agent (Leo).

Unlike Seattle, a lot of repeat visits to maps are in order this time around. For this reason, I suggest you first clear out the South Medina, then raid the Nassif Warehouse. Then go to the North Medina and start all the quests there, then leave for the Arcology. From there you can do all the Arcology quests, including the Hangar and ApostleCorp, getting the information for Leo (if you want) and investigating Tarsus Academy. Then you can return to North Medina, finish up your quests and leave for Trier.

South Medina

  • Though you can enter the Arcology without a pass, it's stupidly easy to get the passes you need without money or violence. Don't let that stop you from putting a bullet into the SSC Guard's head.

Buy rebreathers or end lives trying

  • There is a single hostile encounter here, with three Medina Citizens accosting you, demanding money. They are very weak and easy to dispatch. They can be avoided passively with extreme ease. Consult the passive/stealth notes for specifics.

Enter the Arcology

  • You can use violence to enter the Arcology, but I suggest waiting until we go to North Medina and speak to Mr. Nassif. You'll get a visitor pass and a pass for Tarsus with ease in this area

Help out Queequegs

The coffee shop owner wants you to slip NG's Manager some money to have NG promote his coffee. If you do this and return, he will offer you a few weapon mods as a reward. The competing offer from the Pequods is a Biomod cannister. Your call on which is a better reward, and you can still both get NG's Manager fired and murder her without losing the quest reward.

Stealth/Passive Notes

  • While it isn't obvious at first, there are a few ways to avoid the hostile encounter near the greenhouse
  • One method is using a flashbomb on them to run past. This will make them go hostile.
  • Another is to hug the left wall and just walk right on by the middle dude. Once you are far enough past him, he won't engage conversation with you and won't go hostile. Picking up the barrel as you touch it makes sure you will be far enough away.
  • The Cloak Biomod works amazingly well
  • If you want to pay up, the cost is 150
  • You can use the Murder For Free tactic to dispose of them silently.

Enemy Counts

  • 3 Medina Citizens (Pistols(2), Boltcaster)

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • 2 SSC Guards (SMG, Pistol)
  • 1 Coffee Shop Manager
  • Sherrif
  • Medina Citizen

Bloodlust Notes

  • You can silently dispose of both SSC Guards if you wait until they are out of sight of others. The Arcology guard is more difficult, as the camera will spot you. The easiest way is to get as far away from the camera as you can, then snipe the SSC Guard and flee the scene. If the camera doesn't go "Red" (it's beam), it didn't notice the murder. If it doesn't go red but still turns Hostile, you can EMP it from far away and the turret won't activate.

North Medina

North Medina has several encounters worth pursuing. The Omar have setup shop here, Eva Nassif's father is on this map, The Harvester and some Templars are on this map as well as the entrance to the Order Mosque and Leo Jankowski.

Fake Plague 11 Cure

  • Towards the Apartments, a Medina citizen will try to sell you a supposed cure for Plague 11. It's just a soda. Feel free to murder him for trying to rob people.

Tip Leo to Templar Attack

  • Leo is guarding the Omar. He'll ask you to snoop silently on the Templar in the Arcology to learn when they will attack the Omar. You can only do such by sneaking up through the vent shaft. Once you learn, you can either tell him when the raid will happen or lie to him. The former will enable him to kill them both. The latter will result in the Omar dying and him being rather upset. He will not go hostile, however.

Get Arcology Pass

  • The Omar trader, if he is friendly to you, will give you an Arcology Pass

Get Visition Pass

  • Maskini Nassif will give you a visitation pass for the Tarsus Academy, or you can loot one from his house

Investigate Eva Nassif's disappearance

  • Maskini will ask you to investigate Tarsus Academy to find out where his daughter is.

Stealth/Passive Notes

  • If you have Move Silent, you can loot the Harvester's Stash without him noticing or going hostile. Using the vent from where the worshippers are, you can crawl up and then disable the camera silently, and then pick the lock on the chest and loot it. He will never turn around. Just don't approach the door or his minion will see you.

Enemy Counts

  • 2 Templar Paladins
  • 3 Spiderbots (Templar Apt. Vent, Harvester Vent)

Ally/Neutral Counts

  • Salesmen (Selling fake cure)
  • SSC Guard (Shotgun)
  • 2 Worshippers
  • 2 Medina Citizens
  • Omar Protector
  • Omar Trader
  • Leo Jankowski
  • Dying Poet
  • Poet's Girlfriend
  • The Harvester
  • Tarik (Harvester's bodyguard)
  • Maskini Nassif

Bloodlust Notes

Loot List

  • 6 Ammo Clips (Templar Paladins, Templar Apt., Nassif Apt)
  • 1 Pistol (Templar Paladin)
  • 2 Sniper Rifles (Templar Paladin, Templar Apt.)
  • 1 EMP Grenade (Templar Paladin)
  • 2 Energy Cells (Templar Apt., Nassif Apt)
  • 3 Medkits (Templar Apt., Nassif Apt)
  • 1 Spiderbomb (Templar Apt.)

South Media

  • 1 Multitool (Helipad)
  • 1 Energy Cell (Control room above Helipad)
  • 2 Medkits (Control room above Helipad, Coffee Shop)
  • 1 Stun Prod (Control room above Helipad)
  • 1 Binoculars (Control room above Helipad)
  • 100 Credits (Locker in east alleyway)
  • 1 Noisemaker Grenade (Locker in NE alley)
  • 2 Pistols (Medina Citizen)
  • 1 Boltcaster (Medina Citizen)

North Medina

  • 1 Multitool (In front of Order Mosque)
  • 2 Black-market Bimods (Omar trader, 850 credits with discount)
  • 3 Concussion Prox Mines (Omar trader, 300 credits with discount)

Bloodlust Loot List

South Medina

  • 2 Concussion Grenades (Arcology entrance locker)
  • 1 EMP Grenade (SSC Guard)
  • 1 SMG (SSC Guard)
  • 1 Flashbomb (SSC Guard)
  • 1 Pistol (SSC Guard)
  • 2 Ammo Clips (SSC Guards)

North Medina

  • 2 Spiderbombs (SSC Guard, Omar Trader)
  • 2 Shotguns (SSC Guard, Tarik)
  • 3 Ammo Clips (SSC Guard, The Harvester, Harvester's Stash)
  • 2 Flamethrowers (The Harvester, Leo Jankowski)
  • 1 Medkit (Harvester's Stash)
  • 1 Energy Cell (Harvester's Stash)
  • 1 Increased Range Weapon Mod (Harvester's Stash)
  • 2 Concussion Grenades (The Harvester, Leo Jankowski)
  • 1 EMP Grenade (Omar Protector)
  • 1 Boltcaster (Omar Trader)
  • 1 Mag Rail (Omag Protector)

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