Deus Ex 2: Murder for Free

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Murder in Deus Ex 2 very rarely carries a penalty, but there are still some situations where you want to kill someone without turning them hostile. As it stands, the game rarely counts "Environmental" damage as being sourced from you, and there are objects all over the world that can provide it.

Burning Barrels

  • Burning barrels can be used to silently murder *any* human that isn't immune to fire. This includes any Allied or Neutral NPC.

To do this:

  • Tip the barrel over
  • Push the barrel to the person (Do NOT throw it at them)
  • Orient the flaming end towards them and ensure the barrel contacts them
  • Some people seem resistant to catching on fire. One tactic you can use on them is to put a flammable object near them (Wooden crate, wooden chair, cardboard box, etc), touching them, and then point the barrel at the object. It will ignite and then spread to them.
  • If you are touching the barrel when the person goes up in flames, they might identify you as the perp and go hostile, along with others nearby. Once you have it set up, stand away.
  • It can take up to a minute before the person lights on fire.
  • This will not work on the Omar, Nano-augmented agents, et cetera.
  • If a person constantly walks, such as with a patrol, a good way to do this is to put a body directly in their path and a barrel close enough to the body to ignite it. Eventually they'll walk near or over it as it is on fire, and take damage... and potentially burst into flames... without thinking you are to blame.

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