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These tactics are This is a particularly cheesy tactic and it's discouraged to use in a Hardcore playthrough, and are really only listed here to let you know that invalidate Hardcore-ness right away.

Locking doors[edit | edit source]

AI can't open locked doors, or blow them up, or otherwise handle them. Thus, you can contain the enemy and shoot-cover-shoot everyone without ever taking a hit. Prime example are Metzger and his band. You'll need some skill points invested into Lockpick, but you'll want to do that investment anyway.

Drug abuse[edit | edit source]

Alcohol[edit | edit source]

Alcohol reduces Perception. 1 per beer or booze, 2 per Rot gut. With Perception of 1, NPC will not see you until you're right in front of them.

Non-enemies[edit | edit source]

Even if you fail a stealing attempt, the NPC will not initiate combat until they see you, and they see you when they are in front of them. This opens a possibility: when you know that you will no longer need to talk to this NPC or pass by them, you can safely get them dead drunk and rob of their posessions.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Reduced Perception lowers both hit chance and guns skill. So drunk enemies are quite likely to miss, even if you're right in front of them. And if you are not (and probably attack at night)... they can't even see the PC, even when being shot at. It's just slaughter.

Only applicable at times when the NPCs are initially neutral, obviously. Again, Metzger and cronies come to mind.

This can be further cheesed by stealing everything from the enemy before the fight, as described in the non-enemies section. Specifically, drugs and ammo. And probably weapons.

Final aggravation: afflictions are shared between critters that are using the same animation type. So you don't need to spend bottles on each member of Metzger's guild, just make sure to hit each type.

Other drugs[edit | edit source]

There are more ways to abuse drugs:

  1. Save/load will allow to get around the maximum of 2 stacking drug portions.
  2. Boosting stats before level up may open perks normally unavailable to the character in question.

Just don't do this.

Final word[edit | edit source]

It's perfectly fine use drugs to cheat game characters. It's not fine to use drugs to cheat game mechanics. For example, a viable tactic to beat Francis in wrestling is to slip him some Buffout and wait for withdrawal effects.

Some mods may alter alcohol mechanics, making it less cheesy, in which case it could become suitable for Hardcore. For example, EcCo makes enemies more suspicious, meaning that they'll accept only 1-2 bottles from you.

Abusing books[edit | edit source]

A common technique is to flap difficulty slider back and forth to maximize skill gain from books. On Hardcore, difficulty sliders don't move (Rough for game difficulty, Normal or Rough for combat difficulty).

Tag![edit | edit source]

Another cheap engine abuse: pour a lot of points into an untagged skill, select Tag! perk to double the amount, then lower skill back to previous value.

Combat mode spam[edit | edit source]

Holding A while entering an area (including random encounters) will always allow the player to have the first turn. Well, vanilla game turn sequence is not implemented exactly fair - one enemy in a random encounter will always have a turn first. But spamming A to get a turn before anyone always is outright cheating.

Combat mode can be used similarly in non-combat situtations, such as starting combat and walking inside Vault 8, while you're not yet a citizen. It's mechanics abuse and as such is not allowed on Hardcore.

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