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Overview information[edit | edit source]


Publisher/Year: Interplay, 1998
Genre: RPG
  • Instant death scenarios (common)
  • Complicated character construction
  • High time/focus investment
  • Crashy game
Time for 1 run: 10-15 hours

Fallout 2 is one of the last titles by Interplay before it dumped Black Isle, and by many considered to be the last great PC RPG of its era. Very little is taboo in this game, so much so that the game had to be censored to make make it lawful in Europe. Great story and great challenge, this game is highly recommended for anyone interested in hardcore gaming.

Hardcore Builds[edit | edit source]

See Hardcore Builds

General Reference Material[edit | edit source]

Character Creation

Survival Guide

Skill Upgrade and Book Reference



Drugs and Chems

Questionable Tactics

Fallout Restoration Project[edit | edit source]

Killapp produced a series of independent 3rd-party patches for the game. Originally named the "Unofficial" patches, his patch with major updates along with others have been incorporated into one large patch called the "Fallout Restoration Project". With only a few exceptions, this patch is nearly a must-get and is highly recommended by the PIH staff. The patch fixes numerous plot dialog errors, game bugs, adds missing content and a lot more.

There is a particular component of the patch that is very non-canon to the game itself and, in the opinion of at least one PIH staffer, is detrimental to the game. That is the introduction of "Kaga", a former Chosen One that presumably failed in his quest and is now after you. In very JRPG typical fashion, this "Kaga" is unkillable for many iterations, routinely attacking you then fleeing when you win in a sort of "I'll get you next time, Gadget!" way. It's ridiculous, and pointless. I suggest you remove Kaga from the patch because Kaga is stupid. To do this, all you must do is delete the file with the word "KAGA" in it that is in the SCRIPTS directory after installing the patch.

Early Game Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The early game is what's considered to be what pretty much every character has to do before getting the experience, money, and freedom to move around without a lot of restrictions. Fallout 2 does allow you to basically cut loose from the second you leave Arroyo, but unless you are metagaming (considered cheating for this particular game), your character will have no idea where anything is, so your path is a bit linear for a while. Beyond all that, you have next to no money, no armor, shitty weapons, and no friends. Bandits or slavers could kill you easily if you tried to wander too far, so you need to bulk up, arm up, and make some money. This means getting to roughly level 10, banking about $5000, getting good weapons and armor, and getting the car. If you are doing a blitz run to something, you will likely leave a lot of the early game for 'later'. Blitzing to something is fine just so long as your character knows precisely where they're going at all times. It'd be ideal if you had a quest that brought you to a certain place (such as scouting NCR for Vault City), but after you know the coordinates of a city, that's not really that nessecery.

Why is metagaming considered cheating? Because FO2 is surprisingly fair in its dealings with you and refrains from giving individual NPCs ridiculous bonuses (for the most part). They also cannot convienently ignore rules that you have to follow. Further, metagaming totally takes the fun out of the game and utterly removes the challenge of the run. You're free to metagame if you like, of course, but this guide will assume you are not.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that this guide assumes you are using the Killap unofficial patch, available from No Mutants Allowed. This patch fixes scores of bugs in the game, and functionally it drastically increases the number of random encounters you get. If you are not using this patch and are instead using Interplay's final official patch, the largest difference you will see is that you get far fewer random encounters. You'll be far safer when travelling (a huge boon with Enclave patrols and Master's Army remnants running around), but be lower level and probably poorer than someone who is using Killap's patch.

Early Game Walkthrough

Mid Game Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The midgame is the part that ends most hardcore runs in Fallout 2. The linearity of the game breaks up a lot after you get the car and enough HP to survive more than a few fights. Play styles vary wildly here, so this part of the walkthrough will be organized with cities/encounters in alphabetical order after the first bits of housecleaning are done. Each quest or quest line will have checkpoints of general numbers you need for combat skills, hitpoints, supplies, and so forth that you'll need to properly finish each quest.

Good luck!

Mid Game Walkthrough

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