Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul

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Overview information

Sometimes an armor piece happens to break. For some reason, most often that piece is pants.


Publisher, Year Nival Interactive, 2000
Genre Stealth RPG/Strategy
  • Instant death scenarios (common)
  • Complicated character construction
  • High time/focus investment
  • Forced to tangle with superior enemies
Time for 1 run 60-100 hours

Evil Islands is the successor to the well known Rage of Mages series, released by Nival at the height of their glory.

  • The good: graphics (for its time), decent story, interesting character building system, great soundtrack (and voiceover - in Russian version), and positively The Best crafting system of all times.
  • The bad: very linear, no side quests or really any choices left to the player, so replayability suffers.
  • The ugly: Evil Islands is literally designed with savescumming in mind. Combat can be imperially unforgiving if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Though if you do, it still will be.

Difficulty notes:

  • In patch 1.03, due to player complaints, Nival has added "Easy" mode to the game, which significantly reduces enemy stats, making surviving much easier, and even enabling the player to kill previously unkillable monsters. This guide assumes playing on "Hard" only, the original balance of the game.
  • Due to a developer oversight, crafting system contains a flaw which allows to make auto-healing magic wands (commonly known as "Batteries"). This guide assumes that you don't use Batteries.

Character Creation and Party-Related Guides

Character Builds

Party/NPC Rundown

General Reference Material

Magic and Crafting

Combat and Survival

Tricks and Hidden Stashes

Suggested Modifications


Getting through Evil Islands on Hardcore without prior knowledge of the game is impossible anyway, so rather than a detailed walkthrough, this guide will highlight the most dangerous parts. It's being assumed that you're doing quests in linear order, as they are given to you, and don't go where you're not supposed to yet. If you do, blame yourself.




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