Evil Islands: Gipath

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Dangerous. Almost any monster can kill you with 1-2 criticals, as you don't have armor yet. Luckily, you don't lose much at this point. Don't attack ogres and banshees. Steal from ogres.


Do the quests normally. Avoid approaching the stone idol until you've disabled it according to the quest. Its lightnings are lethal.

Stone idol

Walk to the east side of the map, go down the river bank until you see the orcs, crawl into the settlement, backstab the seer when he's near the controller.

  • You can take out the west line of the orcs - they don't notice that, but the east ones often do, so leave alone until you can take at several at a time.
  • Beware of an ogre in the middle of the settlement and the orc that walks around him. Don't touch the orc until you can take out the ogre.

The Cave

Don't venture beyond what's necessary to complete the quests at first. Just kill the orcs and get out. Evileyes and Armadillos are best handled lately.

The Witch's Cave

Just watch your step, and don't attack trolls.

The River and the Islands

  • Avoid strong banshees in the swamp until you're ready.
  • Beware of a searing will-o-wisp in the north middle area.
  • Don't enter the farthest islands where the ogres walk. Take the long way around.
  • There's an adult poisonous toad in the north east corner.
  • Will-o-wisps and bats are crawling in the north, be careful not to pull too many at once.

Dead city

Golden Valley

One of the most dangerous quests. There's no way to take out veteran warrior skeletons until very late on Gipath. Even usual warrior skeletons may pose a problem. You'll have to use one of the southern passes to get to the valley. Beware of an Adult Bat, though.

Right after picking up the treasure, run like hell the same way you came. It's possible that you still won't be able to get out in time. In that case, turn back and use Fireworks to lure the veteran skeleton in the western pass away, then run through it. Do not go on this quest without Fireworks.

Middle Mountains

A mildly dangerous area at first, will become a walkover pretty soon. The most dangerous monsters here are probably harpies, but you can lure them to a green dragon if the fight goes south.

Remote Mountains

  • Good farming ground, lots of Thick Leather from forest lizards in the west.
  • Southern area is polluted with warrior skeletons in groups of 2-3
  • South east is heavily guarded by harpies. When you go ther, make sure you wipe the skeletons first, in case you'd need to run to the nearest exit.
  • Lake in the middle is inhabited by (surpise) lake lizards, which are pretty strong. Don't pull more than one at a time.
  • 2 green dragons in the west and a blue dragon on the lake can't see nothing. Just avoid them.
  • Clean south east before completing the Master of the Dead City quest. After khadaganians move their camp to this area, and you've met them once, avoid it like plague. Stone and leather are no match for mithril. And they have cheating scripts, so that even if you manage to kill one, the whole camp will be there in seconds. It's certain death.


Orcs are easy enough to pick one by one, but they can be very dangerous in groups, especially when strengthened by a shaman. Always take out the shamans first. Be very careful on the southern Shei-var line.

South is inhabited by tigers, bats, will-o-wisps. Groups of bats are probably the most dangerous, but you must've learnt that by now.

Orcs' ABC book

On the first visit to this area, just head straight to the target. Kill a few orcs on the way (4 is enough for an obsidian axe), but do not stray far, as you're not powerful enough yet.

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