Evil Islands: Ingos

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Ingos is notably shorter than Gipath and easier as well, once you level a little. Keep low until you get Brissen's items (which should be done as soon as possible), and with them you'll be able to juggernaut through most obstacles.

Various notes:

  • Upon reaching the city the first time, immediately sell an Ultra Effect and an Ultra Duration runes to the merchant, that will ensure that you'll have unlimited supply of them.
  • On the other hand, do not hurry to sell leather armor after it's been replaced by shiny steel alternatives. Throughout Gipath, it's possible to carry all the best equipment without problem. But on Ingos, carry weight limitation will kick in. If you want to keep the ability to run, you'll have to use leather for some of the armor pieces (most likely leggins), and the only Thick Leather is what you bring from Gipath. This carries on to Suslanger. If the items clutter the inventory, you can disassemble them and sell the blueprints, but keep the material.

City Environs

Most of the danger here (and on Ingos in general) is posed by unicorns. Northwest is crawling with them. Unicorns are instant death for a Gipath-level character, so when approaching them or pulling a Woodsfolk, be absolutely sure that there's no unicorns around.

Finding the city

Head south, cross the river, pick up the Ultra Duration rune, then head straight to the city. Try to avoid the villagers, they are not packing anything useful anyway. If detected, don't underestimate the dogs, despite their small size, they can inflict serious damage.

Karansul's Domain

Abandoned Mines

Forbidden Catacombs

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