Deus Ex 2: Melee Weapons

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Basic Melee Weaponry

These are the basic weapons that you find throughout the game. The plain jane styles of weaponry. All melee weaponry swings at more or less the same speed.


The only non-lethal melee weaponry in the game, it's nothing more than a cop's nightstick.

Advantages: Non-lethal, blunt force. Difficult to accidentally detonate bots when using Electrostatic Discharge. Really common.

Disadvantages: Damage leaves a lot to be desired. If you intend to use this a lot, you'll need Enhanced Strength to make it safe. At Strength level 3, you can knock out most organics with one swift blow to the head.

First found: In Alex's locker in Tarsus.

Combat Knife

A standard dagger.

Advantages: Really common.

Disadvantages: Damage is basically the same as the Baton, only this is lethal. There's many better weapons if you want to be bloody.

First found: Somewhere in Tarsus (request clarification).


Standard household tool. Gordon Freeman standby. Blah blah.

Advantages: Does a bit more damage than the Combat Knife.

Disadvantages: Rarer, STILL doesn't do much damage.

Energy Sword

A lightsaber-esque thing, this is where melee weapons get good.

Advantages: Good damage. Seems to have a longer reach.

Disadvantages: Rare.

First found: Upper Seattle, Emerald Suites Penthouse.

Stun Prod

A non-lethal takedown tool, similar to the one from Deus Ex 1.

Advantages: Dunno

Disadvantages: Dunno

The stun prod consumes ammunition. Each weapon consumes it at a different rate, which changes based upon certain conditions. For a full explanation of ammunition and how weapons use it, see the Ammunition guide.

Exclusive Melee Weapons

These are basic weapons that have been upgraded in some way. There's only one of them in the game.

Dragon's Tooth Sword

Description: An energy sword with increased damage. There's not much that can stand up to more than a few slashes from this bad boy when you have Enhanced Strength 3.

Advantages: Most powerful melee weapon in the game.

Disadvantages: Not available until you're nearly at the very end of the game.

Found in: Antarctica, when going through the Helios modules. Check on top of the bookshelf in JC's apartment.

Toxin Blade

Description: A Combat Knife that's coated in a paralyzing neurotoxin. It stuns enemies when you shank them. It's possible to be nonlethal with this if the poison damage does the final bit, but that's pretty tricky. Great melee weapon for people that don't have enhanced strength, though, because it keeps enemies from hitting you back after the first strike.

Found in: Emerald Suites, main floor, in the apartment next to Dr. Nassif's. Check the bedroom, underneath the pillow.

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