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Deus Ex 2's weapon system is unique in that all weapons share the same ammunition. You have a generic ammo belt from which any weapon consumes ammunition from, at different rates. Furthermore, the weapons require no reloading, merely the standard cooldown time between shots.

In addition, weapons don't use always use a hard number - they can use fractional amounts of ammunition, such as if you've modified them with mods that increase or decrease their ammo consumption. Also, whenever you pick up "Partially depleted" ammo clips, you'll often be getting a "Fraction" of a round at one point or another.

Ammunition Belt

Your ammo belt is represented as a bar, but still is a solid number. Each full belt is 15 "Rounds", of which different weapons will burn at a different rate. These rates are listed below. Given that the ammo burn on many weapons is fairly high and that you can only carry so many spare clips, ammo is actually consumed fairly quickly and you cannot stockpile hordes of it, unlike most other games.

You can carry a total of 9 "Clips", which amounts to a total of 135 "Rounds".


Two mods, Ammo Scavenger and EMP Converter, will affect the drain rate of weapons. Ammo Scavenger gives a straight 25% reduction in consumption rate, so 4 rounds per shot would be reduced to 3. EMP Converter adds 75% to the drain rate, but only applies when you actually strike a target that is vulnerable to EMP. This makes utility pistols very useful, since you can couple a Silencer and an EMP Converter on one pistol. 1-2 Rounds to kill a human opponent with headshots, and EMP Damage when you need it.

With the SMG and the Flamethrower, ammunition is consumed at very odd levels. The numbers make it appear that your weapon is actually doing less damage with the Ammo Scavenger installed, but that is not true. It is simply burning ammunition at a lower rate. Technically, the rate of fire remains the same - just the cost per second is reduced. Therefore, the amount of damage being output by the weapon does not change.


  • Single shot: 1 Round
  • Ammo Scavenger: 3/4 Rounds
  • EMP Converter: 2.5 Rounds
  • Ammo Scavenger + EMP Converter: 1.875 Rounds
  • Rate of Fire: 3 Rounds/Sec (Single shot per mouse click)
  • Rate of Fire with Mod: 4.5 Rounds/Sec (If you can click that fast)


  • Single shot: 3/4 Rounds
  • Fire Rate: 3.5 Rounds/Sec
  • Fire Rate Ammo Scavenger: 2.5 Rounds/Sec


  • Single shot: 3/4 Rounds
  • Ammo Scavenger: .5625 Rounds
  • Fire Rate: 3 Rounds/Sec
  • Fire Rate Ammo Scavenger: 2 Rounds/Sec


  • Single shot: 2 Rounds
  • Ammo Scavenger: 1.5 Rounds
  • EMP Converter: 3.5 Rounds
  • Ammo Scavenger + EMP Converter: 2 2/3 Rounds
  • Rate of Fire: 1 Shot/Second
  • Rate of Fire with Mod: 1.2 Shots/Second


  • Single shot: 3 Rounds
  • Smoke Grenade: 3 Rounds
  • Ammo Scavenger: 2.25 Rounds (Smoke Grenade too)
  • Rate of Fire: 1 Shot/Second
  • Rate of Fire with Mod: 1.3 Shots/Second

Mag Rail

  • Single Shot: 3 Rounds
  • EMP Blast: 3 Rounds
  • With Ammo Scavenger: 2.25 Rounds (EMP Blast too)
  • Rate of Fire: 1 Shot/Second
  • Rate of Fire with Mod: 1.3 Shots/Second

Sniper Rifle

  • Single shot: 5 Rounds
  • With Ammo Scavenger: 3.75 Rounds
  • EMP Converter: 6.5 Rounds
  • Ammo Scavenger + EMP Converter: 4.875 Rounds
  • Rate of Fire: 0.5 Shots/Second
  • Rate of Fire with Mod: 0.75 Shots/Second

Stun Prod

  • Single shot: 1.5 Rounds

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