Deus Ex 2: Early Game Walkthrough: Tarsus

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Enemy Counts

  • 6 Order Seekers (Pistol)
  • 2 Spiderbots

Ally Counts

  • 2 SSC Guards (Pistol)

Neutral Counts

  • Billie Adams
  • Klara Sparks
  • Leo Jankowski
  • Leila Nassif
  • 4 Scientists

Bloodlust Notes

The only excessive killing that can happen here are two SSC guards and later the Scientists. The best way to dispatch them would be melee, to conserve ammo. The first SSC Guard will not have a grenade or ammo, the second will have a pistol and an ammo clip.You can kill Billie Adams if you'd like using a bug, but it may mess the game up later. The Scientists will provide no loot, only pleasure.

Loot List

Loot does not include items retrieved from the bodies of Allies or Neutrals.

Residential/Recreation Area

  • 7 Ammo clips
  • 2 Energy Cell (Lockers, Nassif's Office (Only if Billie is dead))
  • 1 Spiderbomb (Lockers)
  • 200 Credits (Lockers, Klara's Room)
  • 3 EMP Grenades (Order Seeker 1, Billie Adam's Room, Klara's Room )
  • Baton (Alex's Locker)
  • 2 Medkits (Alex's Locker, Leo's Room)
  • 2 Pistols (Alex's Locker, dead SSC guard)
  • Flashbomb (Dead SSC guard)
  • Stun prod (Dead SSC guard)
  • 4 Multitools (Alex's Locker, shaft in Residential area, Leo's Room(2))
  • Combat Knife (Leo's Room)
  • Concussion Prox Mine (Leo's Room)
  • Binoculars (Alex's Room)

Biomod Labratory / Exit Area

  • 4 Multitools (Biomod Labratory, Shaft in Research area, Research area, Exit Area)
  • 3 Biomod Cannisters (Biomod Labratory)
  • 1 Black Market Biomod Cannister (Research area)
  • 3 Energy Cells (Research area(2), Exit Area)
  • 4 Pistols (Dead Order Seekers)
  • 3 Ammo clips


Tarsus Apartments 1

As you spawn, open the chest and use the datacube to get a map of the area. Then look to your left and use the holo-projector on your desk. Click through the conversation with Nassif and snag the candy bar (1 Food). Do a 180 and walk out to your living room. There is a soy packet (1 Food) in your mini-fridge. Be sure to grab that before exiting your apartment. Turn left. An explosion will rock the hallway and an SSC guard will meet his messy end in front of you. Pick up his body and hang another left to put you in front of Billie's apartment (door on your right). Hit the intercom and click through the conversation so Billie lets you in. Click through the conversation with her, throw the dead body in her face, then raid the kitchenette on your left for some bread (1 Food) on the counter and 2 soy packets (2 food) in her refridgerator. The only other loot is in her (1-lock) chest: 1 EMP Grenade.

(Optional) Kill Billie

You may, at your discretion, kill Billie now to save yourself some minor headaches later on. The trick is to get her into the bathroom, under the shower head, where she will take EMP damage if the water hits her. Head toward her bathroom and open the door to the bathroom, and the door to the shower. Gently bump her in the direction you want her to go to get her either into the shower or between the shower and the shower and the toilet, whichever is easier. Once she's in position, activate the shower to damage her. After 4 or 5 activations, Billie will crumple over. If you'd like to make some Wicked Witch of the West jokes, now's the time.

Be aware that doing this will play with the game a fair amount. You will never see Billie in-game again, but you will continue to receive infolink transmissions from her from the great beyond. Also, in the XBox version, Billie being dead will cause outlandish behavior in the Order mosque in Cairo, which inevitably leads to the game crashing gracelessly and possible savegame corruption. It's unconfirmed if this happens or not in the PC version. This space will be updated as we know more.

Whether or not you decide to kill Billie, exit her apartment and turn left. Follow the hallway to the elevator at the end and hit the keypad to transition to Tarsus Recreation.

Tarsus Recreation

Exit the elevator and click through the conversation with Nassif. Continue straight, then veer to your left (don't go down the stairs), and continue straight to find Klara Sparks. Click through the conversation with her, then turn around and head to the track (on your right). Talk to Leo Jankowski (just "let him get back to his run" to make it quicker), then leap over the railing and jump down to the basketball court as everything starts to go to hell. Scan around for an SSC guard and walk past her into the locker rooms. Stick to the left and follow the hallway to the lockers. Nassif will unlock yours and Leo's after her infolink transmission ends. Ransack the two unlocked lockers for 1 medkit, 1 pistol, 1 baton, 1 multitool, 2 foodstuffs, and 2 ammo clips. Klara's and Billie's lockers will remain shut with 1 lock. Klara's locker contains 1 Biocell and 1 ammo clip, while Billie's contains 1 Spiderbomb, 100 credits, and a pack of cigarettes (1 Vice). You may also elect to open neither and just keep your multitool. Head back out of the locker room. The SSC guard will stop you and warn you of an Order Seeker outside. Reply however you want; you want to put down the Seeker because he carries an EMP grenade. Walk out in front of the SSC guard and draw your weapon. Crouch and hug the shadows near the wall until you spot the Seeker, then put him down with either a pistol shot or some baton swings. Loot 1 Partially Depleted Ammo Clip and 1 EMP Grenade from him. The SSC guard has nothing of value and only drops her pistol. If you take some hits, be aware of the water fountain near the entrance to the locker room and the water cooler near where you met Klara; both will restore some health.

Mount the stairs and walk back to toward the elevator. If Billie is still alive, she will exit the elevator and run into Nassif's office. A short conversation ensues. If she is dead, the elevator will remain open and you can enter the office and find 1 Biocell. Take the same elevator you came down in back up to Tarsus Residential.

Tarsus Apartments 2

As you exit the elevator, move the dead SSC guard in front of you to pick up his Partially Depleted Ammo Clip and Flashbomb. You may take the riot prod if you want it, but the Baton is better in almost every way. The wounded SSC guard in front of you will warn you of an Order Seeker down the hall. Both the SSC guard and the Seeker carry nothing but their pistols, so you can take this confrontation or leave it as you please.

Our ultimate goal here is to get back to Alex's apartment. The most direct way is to simply shoot or subdue the Order Seeker and walk down the hallway. You may wish to shoot the Order Seeker regardless just to remove all the hostiles from the area.

The more sneaky--and more profitable--way is to follow Billie's advice and enter Leo's apartment on your immediate left. There's some Bread in his kitchenette (1 Food). The chest is unlocked and contains 1 Combat Knife, 100 Credits, and 1 Ammo Clip. There's also 1 EMP Grenade discarded next to the bed near the vent Billie spoke of. Crawl through the vent. When you reach the end of it, first turn right to grab the 1 Multitool, then left to exit the vent into Klara's apartment. There's another 1 Multitool on the countertop of her kitchenette, 1 Food on the floor, and 1 Food in the refridgerator. The chest in the room contains 1 Medkit and 1 Concussion Prox Mine.

As a side note, Billie's apartment has already regenerated its food stock. If you want, you can head back there for another 3 Food. The chest is also still locked and contains 1 EMP grenade.

Back in your apartment, take another 1 Food from your refridgerator, then head to your bathroom and crawl through a hole in the wall. Turn left and climb up the wall enter a hilariously placed door to the Biomaterials Laboratory.

Biomod Laboratory

Walk up to the holo-projector in front of you and click through the conversation with Nassif. Nab all 3 Biomod canisters and install them any way you wish. Turn to your right and grab the multitool off the counter. Do a 180 and head for the keypad out of the lab. Knock out or kill the Scientist here if you wish, then turn right and grab the 1 Soy Food off the counter. Hit the button in front of you to open the door, and hug the wall to your left to keep the security camera from picking up on you. To make an upcoming fight easier you may optionally use your prox mine on the wall underneath the gun turret. Follow the stairs up and around until a pair of Scientists talk to you, warning you of 2 Order Seekers coming in and promising a reward if you protect the Scientists.

There are a number of ways to deal with this. You could shoot the Gas Barrel down below to make it leak; this will choke the Order Seekers to death, but the affect's radius can be kind of wonky, so it may not always work. You can also place the Concussion Prox Mine you got earlier underneath the gun turret. This will outright slay one Seeker, and destroy the gas barrel to kill the survivor. This also has the benefit of scrapping the turret and the camera in that room in case you angered them earlier. Or you could just shoot them both in the head, or wait around a corner with your Baton at the ready. It's up to you. The Seekers themselves only carry thier Pistols.

Talk to the Scientist and receive a firearm silencer for your trouble. We're done with these Scientists, so feel free to knock them out or kill them if you please.

Continue forward and a Scientist will warn you about the laser grid. That is his entire purpose, so feel free to incapacitate him now. The lab desk in front of you has 1 Biocell and 1 Multitool. To your left is an explosive barrel. Pick it up and hurl it at the cabinet on the far end of the room with a red glow coming from it. The resulting explosion will rip the cabinet's doors off and allow you to plunder the contents: 1 Medkit and 1 Black-Market Biomod. Install it as you please.

If you just installed Neural Interface, you can hack the Security Computer near the entrance to this room to turn off the security beams. Otherwise, you'll need to crawl through a vent you exposed when you threw that barrel full of TNT. You'll immediately see 1 Multitool in the vent, which you should grab. The vent exits near some stairs. Mount them and veer to your left, where you'll see a locked glass cabinet. It contains 1 Biocell and 100 credits if you care to open it. Head back downstairs and go through the door to patch yourself up at the medbot if needed. Then head back upstairs and look around near the glass cabinet to find another vent. Shoot out the spider bot and crawl through. You'll come to a two-story room with a lot of lab equipment, a Security Computer low and on your left, a security camera and turret, and 2 Seekers. The camera in this room will trigger an alarm if it sees any dead Seekers, so if you want to avoid angering it, only shoot Seekers that are on the second floor of this room. There are gas barrels around which can dispose of the Seekers if shot. The turret is on your right as you enter; use one of your EMP grenades to disable it if it wakes up. Once the turret is out, the camera can squawk all it wants. There is a Multitool on some test equipment in the far right corner of the lower level. Mount the stairs and continue forward. Click through the conversation with Lin-May Chen and take the elevator up to Upper Seattle.

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