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Light[edit | edit source]

This is the only biomod that comes standard in your character. It's nothing special. Allegedly, enemies will notice it when you flash it near them, but I've never noticed them do that. It does require bioenergy, but the drain is so miniscule that you could probably leave it on while you get a meal and you'll only be missing a square or two when you get back.

Eye Slot[edit | edit source]

Vision Enhancement[edit | edit source]

Description: Enhances your visual capacities. Level 1 is night-vision, Level 2 lets you sense organics through walls, and Level 3 highlights all interesting objects through walls. "Interesting Objects" includes, but is not limited to, organics, bots, and items.

Evaluation: Not bad at all, considering. Level 3 in particular is incredible for a more passive or less violent hardcore run. The more you know, the more pain you avoid. However, this is still the weakest of the three eye slot biomods. The only reason I could possibly see for installing this biomod is if you are totally avoiding harming enemies in any way, shape, or form.

Regeneration[edit | edit source]

Description: Trades bio-energy for health. More levels increases energy efficiency and healing speed.

Evaluation: An uncreative biomod, but incredibly effective. Particularly at level 3, you can regenerate health faster than some guns can inflict it. Further, the regeneration is so efficient that you can get two full health bars on a single energy cell. Highly recommended for very violent runs.

Spy Drone[edit | edit source]

Description: Black-market mod that launches a remote-controlled drone that can discharge an EMP strike when it explodes. Level 1 drones don't have any audio. Level 2 adds audio and bumps up the damage of the EMP blast, and the drone's range. Level 3 allows the EMP blast to stun organics in addition to another damage and range boost.

Evaluation: This is a delightful little biomod that works as a much better compliment to stealthy or avoidant characters than Enhanced Vision. Particularly at level 3, this little drone becomes a perfect blockade breaker no matter what's on the blockade. Recommended for gentler, more stealthy runs.

Head Slot[edit | edit source]

Cloak[edit | edit source]

Description: Makes it impossible for organics to detect you. Extra levels decrease energy drain.

Evaluation: Pretty much essential for passive runs. The vast majority of the enemies you run into in the game are organic. You can just waltz right on by them, no trouble at all. If you're going to go for this one, though, you GO. Don't rely on it--in fact, don't even USE it if you can possibly avoid it--until you've got it at level 3. There's just not enough biocells to satisfy a lower level Cloak's voracious appetite for long.

Hazard Drone[edit | edit source]

Description: Reduces damage from environmental hazards like radiation, biohazards, fire, and so forth. Level 3 actually restores some energy when you take environmental damage.

Evaluation: I really can't recommend this for any build, considering your alternatives. You can get some pretty cool synergies going with it, though. If you're big on the flamethrower, as excessive firing makes you take fire damage. Throwing on Hazard Drone plus Regeneration could make for some very interesting results. Again, though, considering your alternatives, you'd be a pretty major idiot to take this one.

Second opinion: The Hazard Drone is better than it lets on at first. In addition to protecting you from environmental hazards, it will also reduce the damage you take from flamethrowers, boltcasters, and magrails (in addition to greasel spit). Towards the end of the game, depending on your choices half of your enemies may be Illuminati Commados who wield magrails and explode into toxic clouds when they die. This mod is definitely worth a look, perhaps hotswitching into it from a different mod once you leave for Antarctica or return to Cairo.

Neural Interface[edit | edit source]

Description: Black Market Mod. Enables hacking of security computers and ATMs. Extra levels increase the speed of hacking, unlock more options with security computers, and get you more credits when hacking ATMs.

Evaluation: Drug of choice for over 90% of builds, and for good reason. ATM hacking ensures that you will never be short of credits for the biomod canisters, weapon mods, and other goodies from the Omar, and security computer hacking makes your life a million times easier by allowing you to turn off cameras, take over gun turrets, and turn off lasers. A no-brainer for most builds, this mod is probably the single strongest mod in the game.

Skeleton Slot[edit | edit source]

Aggressive Defense Drone[edit | edit source]

Description: This blows up grenades and rockets before they can get to you. Each level blows them up further and further away from you. You must activate it for it to work, but it doesn't actually drain energy.

Evaluation: Very good at what it does, and it really takes the sting out of a lot of Templar Power Armor later on in the game because they use rocket launchers. Again, though, when compared to the other upgrades you can get, I don't really see why you'd choose this one.

Thermal Masking[edit | edit source]

Description: Identical to Cloak, only it works on machines instead of organics. Each level reduces energy drain.

Evaluation: A real dean of an upgrade if you don't routinely engage in melee. This works on cameras and turrets in addition to the standard harassments of hunter-seekers, military bots, and security models. Good stuff.

Electrostatic Discharge[edit | edit source]

Description: Black Market mod. Adds an EMP element to your melee attacks. Doesn't phase organics, but it ruins bots. Extra levels increases the EMP damage. Level 3 adds a scramble effect. Can also punch out lasers by attacking the emitter diamond. No energy drain.

Evaluation: Kingly for violent runthroughs. Any melee weapon suddenly becomes deadly to robots, and at level 3, you can even switch allegiences on your target. Nothing satisfies more than punching a Military Bot and watching it demolish all its former allies. It also lets you circumvent laser grids without the need for hacking. The only thing you need to watch out for is bots blowing up on you. This is a particular worry when using anything other than the Baton.

Arm Slot[edit | edit source]

Enhanced Strength[edit | edit source]

Description: Increases melee damage, throwing weight, throwing distance, and damage from thrown objects. Also increases inventory size by 1 item/level. Effect increases with levels. This is basically Microfibral Muscle married with Combat Strength from DX1, all requiring no energy to maintain.

Evaluation: Seriously kickass. For violent runs, this is your God. At level 3, you can kill or seriously maim many organics just by throwing a heavy object at them. Especially when you throw things like radioactive, gas, or explosive barrels.

Biotox Attack Drone[edit | edit source]

Description: Produces a little floating drone that hovers around, and independently fires non-lethal biotox darts at enemies. Levels reduce energy usage.

Evaluation: There's really no reason why you should use this unless you're doing a non-lethal or avoidant run. It makes a great decoy to catch enemy attention while you run around the side. Beyond that, though...this is just a boltcaster that floats.

Bot Domination[edit | edit source]

Description: Allows you to take command of mechanicals in first person mode. Each level reduces energy usage, reduces the time before link is established, and increases the size of the bots you can dominate (you get cameras and turrets at level 1). After the uplink ends, the mechanical is disabled.

Evaluation: Fun, but not as useful as the botkilling alternative, Electrostatic. The main thing that it lets you do that Electrostatic doesn't is that you can dominate a camera and then end the link to disable it without setting off an alarm. Taking control of a military bot is a real hoot, but you really accomplish nothing that you couldn't accomplish with a level 3 Electrostatic punch or a Scrambler Grenade. Further, while you're in control of the bot, your real body is standing there, totally defenseless. If an enemy happens to trip across it, you will probably be dead.

Foot Slot[edit | edit source]

Increased Speed[edit | edit source]

Description: The 'Superman Biomod', makes you faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap the tallest building. Levels increase the effect.

Evaluation: Nothing wrong with it; in fact, it remains almost unchanged from Deus Ex 1, when it was one of the best biomods in the game. The world's changed, however. There's not nearly as much open air in DX2 as there was in DX1. Couple that with the fact that its closest competitor, Move Silent, got a big buff, and you won't find too many reasons to take this.

Move Silent[edit | edit source]

Description: The 'Spiderman Biomod', this dampens the sound of your movements. Level 1 dampens it only while walking, and is thus pretty useless, but it gets exponentially better as you get more levels. By level 3, none of your movements make noise. Requires no energy.

Evaluation: This is what most people end up taking, even combat-heavy builds, just because it doesn't take energy. Being able to get the drop on the enemy is huge. It has obvious benefits for stealthy or avoidant types. Great stuff.

Health Leech Drone[edit | edit source]

Description: Spits out a drone that eats organic corpses and heals you with the consumed power. Extra levels increases the speed of the regeneration and lowers energy cost of launching the drone.

Evaluation: Rarely used. Most people who want an extra healing option just take Regeneration, particularly when it means sacrificing Move Silent.

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