Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast

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Overview information[edit | edit source]

Battling Tarnesh the Terrible, who has ended more playthroughs than any other enemy.


Publisher/Year: Interplay, 1998
Genre: RPG
  • Instant death scenarios (common)
  • Complicated character construction
  • High time/focus investment
  • Occasional glitching
Time for 1 run: 20-30 hours

The Baldur's Gate series more or less inspired "Hardcore" as we define it. It's brutally difficult to the uninitiated and requires copious amounts of meta-gaming know-how in order to defeat without reloading. It was the first game that soulmata and ThunderClaw actively corroborated together on developing strategies to play from start to finish without dying or reloading.

Character Creation and Party-Related Guides[edit | edit source]

Races and Stats

Classes and Kits

Enhanced Edition Classes

Dual and Multiclassing

Progression Charts

Epic Level Abilities

Arcane Spells List

Divine Spells List

BG1 NPC Rundown

BG2 NPC Rundown

General Reference Material[edit | edit source]

Meta-gaming, tactics and survival tips

Wild Mage Compendium

Wild Surge Table

Ultimate Pickpocket Reference

BG1TuTu vs Vanilla BG

Suggested Modifications

Temple Donation Guide


Useful Hidden Stashes

Claw of Kazgaroth


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