Baldur's Gate: Useful Hidden Stashes

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Lion's Way (one area east of Candlekeep)[edit | edit source]

Diamond[edit | edit source]

Follow the road leading away from Candlekeep, and right on the left of the trail there will be a tree with a little hole in it's trunk with a diamond in it.

Coast Way (east of Candlekeep, south of the Friendly Arm Inn)[edit | edit source]

Ring of Protection +1[edit | edit source]

Near the northern exit to the Friendly Arm Inn, there is a good-sized rock with a hole in it. Inside that hole is this convienent ring which boosts Armor Class and all Saving Throws by 1.

Coordinates: x 1006, y 1114

Friendly Arm Inn[edit | edit source]

Ring of Wizardry[edit | edit source]

At the bottom of this map, walk east. There is a tiny part under a tree that contains this ring which doubles the amount of Level 1 spells your mage can have. If you don't have a mage, you can always sell it for a good bit of coin. It will probably take you a good long while to get it, but it's there somewhere.

Coordinates: x 2555, y 3759

NOTE: this is removed in Tales of the Sword Coast, although put back in by the latest TotSC patch.

Nashkel[edit | edit source]

Ankheg Armor[edit | edit source]

At the west end of the middle of the map, there is a farmer's field. On the west end of it right below a small tree is a hole that contains this armor and a pearl. The armor is +2 Plate Mail with a lot of the weight cut out, while the pearl isn't good for much other than selling.

Coordinates: x 187, y 2742

NOTE: the popular "Hard Times" mod for BG1 Tutu removes this suit of armor, though the pearl remains.

Fire Leaf Forest (south of Nashkel)[edit | edit source]

Cloudkill[edit | edit source]

Sightly below and a bit west of where you enter the map from Nashkel is a small circular ledge area surrounded on three sides by trees. Inside a small gash in the ground is a mighty scroll of Cloudkill for your mage, along with a Chromatic Orb scroll.

Coordinates: x 1793, y 414

Naskhel Mines[edit | edit source]

Wand of Frost[edit | edit source]

At the far top left of the map there's a wand of frost hidden in a tree trunk. Good for dealing high damage to a single target, though it's best not used for a finishing blow as it can destroy items.

Coordinates: X 165, Y 180

Gibberling Mountains (east of Nashkel Mines)[edit | edit source]

Ring of Fire resistance[edit | edit source]

Approach the cliff in the center of the map from southwest. There's a small crack in the cliff which contains a Ring of Fire Resistance and some gems.

Coordinates: X 1955, Y 2370

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