Grand Theft Auto 3/The Fuzz Ball

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Mission Name The Fuzz Ball
Mission Difficulty (0 - 10) 2
Previous mission Pump-action Pimp
Next Mission Her Lover
Get from Luigi
Mission Length 5 minutes

This mission is a fairly straightforward one. Pick up the girls and drop them at the ball. Sounds simple, eh? Well, for the most part, it is. However if you want a bonus for dropping all of them off then you need to know this one hint.

Use a reasonably fast car, but even more importantly make sure it has 4 seats! A taxi is best for this. This saves time and allows you to pick up multiple girls without having to go back to the ball every time you get a girl.

Alternatively, go to the coach depot near Joey's place before starting this mission and pick up a coach. The upside to using this is that it can pick up all the girls in one go! Pick up the girl closest to you first, then head for the ones that are furthest away and then swinging back in to collect the ones nearest to the ball. You'll be a bit pressed for time, so make sure not to crash and waste time.

This is the last mission from Luigi.

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