Grand Theft Auto 3

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Overview information[edit | edit source]


Publisher/Year: Rockstar Games, 2001
Genre: FPS
  • High time/focus investment
Time for 1 run: Unknown

You take the role of an unknown criminal who, after being shot by his girlfriend on a bank heist, begins making his way back up through the ranks of organised crime. To consider completing Grand Theft Auto 3 in hardcore mode you can not fail any missions, die, or get busted.

Player resources[edit | edit source]

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Mission Guide[edit | edit source]

The missions are listed in suggested play order. These are split up into the different islands.

Portland[edit | edit source]

External player resources[edit | edit source]

While these guides do not assume you are playing hardcore and therefore may advise you to do something very stupid, they remain solid resources for getting the ins and outs of the game.

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