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Beginning this chapter, you'll have the final incarnation of Ramza. He now has access to Shout, which increases speed, physical and magical strength all by 1, and gives you 10 Brave. Unlike his other unique abilities, it's only usable on himself but that's a trifle. One or two uses of it will make him as fast or as powerful as any other class out there. He can also learn Ultima, which will be discussed in the Limberry Castle Gates fight. Also worth noting is the multiple new battles that can happen in this chapter, eventually. Those, also, will be discussed when they become available.

There are a few new things this chapter, beginning with Mount Bervenia. Equip someone with a jump score of at least 4 with "Move-Find Item" and have them get to the very highest point to get the "Materia Blade", a moderately powerful sword that will come into play later after picking up Cloud. You'll fight Plague Horrors here occasionally, who's rare poach yields a Zwill Straightblade, the best dagger weapon in the game.

There's a number of side quests now available. The first is pretty simple. Just land on a town square on Cancer the 1st. Provided you have enough money (and I have little reason to doubt you will, seeing as how money is completely non-important at this stage of the game), Mustadio, Agrias, Alicia, and Lavian, you'll be provided with a cutscene where Mustadio gives Agrias a birthday gift. It happens to be the Tynar Rouge item, an accessory for women which boosts both physical and magic attack by 3, as well as granting Haste, Protect, and Shell. When Taurus rolls around as a month, know that Cancer is next so you should prime yourself near a city. The other side quests come in the form of battles and will be discussed like any other regular fight.

Battle 1: Dugeura Pass

You'll face a black mage, a few archers, a few dragoons, and a knight in this map. All are male. While the knight and dragoons hit hard, the biggest threat is most likely the archer up top as he is sort of difficult to ascend to. You should be well enough equipped at this point to blow through the level, so splitting up your forces to attack both their fronts at once is perfectly valid.

Battle 2: The Free City of Bervenia

Enemies: Meliadoul (Divine Knight, ♀), 2 Archers (♀), 2 Summoners (♀), 1 Ninja (♀)

Equip safeguard on all the units you plan to bring into this fight because you're about to encounter a Divine Knight, Meliadoul. She attacks with Unyielding Blade, which shatters your equipment. At this point, she'll only have Crush Armor and Crush Helm, but equipping safeguard makes you immune to those abilities. She'll probably just run around using Phoenix Down on her entourage of friends. The ninja is a threat, as is the archer on the very top. The summoners will make you hurt but like all summoners, they are extremely vulnerable while charging spells and should be easy kills. The most important thing to do in this fight is to bring a Thief with at least Steal Accessory and Steal Weapon. Meliadoul is pimped out with your first Knight Sword, the Defender, and probably the single best accessory in the game in the Chantage perfume. Steal them; there's opportunities later to snag these items but only through Poaching, which is a giant pain in the ass. The Defender has 16 attack power and 60% evade, while the Chantage Perfume grants permanent reraise and regen on a female character (essentially making her unkillable provided there's another character of yours in the battle).

After clearing this map, it's a good time to visit the first two subquests in the chapter. See the Subquests section for greater details. Earning Balthier and Beowulf make the going much easier.

Battle 3: Finnath Creek

Enemies: Random assortment of monsters (usually masses of Red and Black chocobo and a Pig)

This map is more or less a random encounter in terms of what you face. However, you can be fairly certain there's going to be a bunch of red and black chocobos, and occasionally a Pig. Bring someone with speechcraft along to recruit the pig. You'll want to breed swines and wild boars in order to poach them for valuable goods. The only strategy I can really give you for the map is to bring healers because the Chocobo meteor shower is not easy to survive. The river itself is also pretty deep so bring people with Swim/Float/Waterwalking in order to move around unobstructed. Also, an archer is pretty powerful the first time on this map as you'll have significant high ground.

Battle 4: Zeltennia Castle

Enemies: Confessor Zalmour (Celebrant, ♂), 2 Mystics (♂), 3 Knights (♂)

Delita joins you yet again as a guest, this being his last appearance in an actual fight. The map itself is incredibly easy because the only person you have to kill is Zalmour. He starts within range of your casters and anyone using a gun, but is rather high up near the church bell so to get melee guys near him, they'll need Ignore Height. If you really want, ignore Zalmour until you crystalize his units because it's not terrifically difficult to do so. (Editor's note: Honestly, I won this fight by shooting Zalmour with Balthier and then Delita finished him off with Hallowed Bolt. It's a super easy map.)

Battle 5: Beddha Sandwastes

Enemies: Barich (Machinist, ♂), 2 Archers (♂), 1 Black Mage (♂), 2 Knights (♂)

You're about to meet another Knight Templar, Barich. He's a Machinist, like Mustadio. At the beginning of the battle during the story sequence, he poisons your entire group with a bomb, regardless of if you should be immune to it or not. Arrange your units in a way where one or two Purifications from your Martial Artist will clear it away. After that, the battle is pretty simple. One of the knights usually has Geomancy and can therefore cause you to Sleep (rarely, but it CAN happen) with Will-O-The-Wisp. Take him and the black mage out. You can simply kill Barich should you choose, but he has all sorts of delicious equipment to steal, including a rare Glacial Gun. If you've trained up Balthier, his Plunder abilities should have about 70+% chance to work against him, both due to their increased success rate and the fact the two are compatible. (Barich is a Sagittarius while Balthier is a Leo.) Strip Barich naked and leave him to die in the desert.

Battle 6a: Fort Besselat - South Wall

Enemies: 3 Knights (♂), 2 Archers (♂), 1 Ninja (♂), 1 Thief (♂)

Spoils: Circlet

Upon arriving at Fort Besselat, you're given the choice between attacking the southern or northern wall. It's really up to you which you prefer. The South Wall is a rather open ended stage with very high walls on either side. The ninja and thief start nearest to you and should be handled as quickly as possible. Then move on to the Archers, and then use the walls to your advantage against the knights left in the stage.

Battle 6b: Fort Besselat - North Wall

Enemies: 1 Monk (♂), 1 Summoner (♂), 2 Archers (♂), 2 Dragoons (♂)

Spoils:" Carabineer Mail

According to the description, this is the front gate of the castle. As such, there are high walls with archers perched aloft. If you have someone with Ignore Height, this is a good map to deploy him or her. There's a monk parked in a far nook on the same side as the wall you're on, while the rest are all packed away beyond the wall. The Archer with the longbow is your biggest threat, followed by the dragoons and the summoner. Take the summoner out when he's charging a spell and be mindful of when the dragoons land from their jumps, and you should be fine.

Battle 7: Fort Besselat Sluice

Enemies: 4 Knights (♂), 2 Archers (♂), 2 Black Mages (♂)

Spoils: None

This is one of the more interesting maps in that on the original game, defeating all the units didn't make you win. That's been changed for the PSP version, but the old way of parking Ramza where the two knights on the dam are located still makes you win. They have a pretty significant height advantage so bring guns to pick off the mages and get some fast units with hops to charge recklessly up the side to kill the archers. The two knights on the triggers rarely move, even if they aren't directly targetted and are about to be blasted by large magic, so keep that in mind should you bring your own casters. The last thing worth noting is the Artemis Bow carried by one of the archers. It's more powerful than any of the purchasable bows, so steal it if you can. (Editor's note: I already had two or three from poaching the king behemoths I'd spawned since capturing the dark behemoth back when I obtained Luso, so it's not absolutely imperative to obtain one.)

Upon winning, you receive arguably the best unit in the entire game, Count Orlandeau. He's got a combination of Agrias', Gaffgarion's, and Meliadoul's moves, absurd HP, strength, and magic power gains, great all around stats as a Sword Saint, and comes equipped with just about the best stuff in the game. He also comes with a new Auracite, which when taken to Goug Machine City, starts the second part of the questline involving Beowulf and Reis. See the "Dimensional Rift" side quest for more information.

Battle 8: Mount Germinas

Battle 9: Lake Poescas

Battle 10: Limberry Castle Gate

Battle 11: Limberry Castle Keep

Battle 12: Limberry Castle Inner Court

Battle 13: Limberry Castle Undercroft

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