Deus Ex 2: Misc. Items

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Energy Cell

An instant refill in a box, these devices will fully recharge your Bioelectric energy levels when used. A single stack will only hold 10, though that represents a full 10 Bioelectric bars. Furthermore, nothing is stopping you from keeping multiple stacks of these wonder drugs with you, provided you can spare the inventory space.

Fire Extinguisher

Common throughout the game, these things have 3 blasts they can fire which have the same effect as a smoke grenade. If you're reduced to using this, you are in pretty damned deep.


Long-lasting stationary lights. No idea why you'd use them when you have a light built into your skull. They are extremely useful for distracting cameras, turrets, etc...Just throw the flare away from the path you wish to take and the security device will focus on the flare (instead of you!).


Candy bars, soda, bread, soy and others... all count in the game as a generic "Food" when picked up. This is useful because you can stack all types of food no matter what they are. When eaten, they restore a small amount of health. A stack of 10 food can bring you back from near-death and then some. Not nearly as effective as a medkit or regeneration, but useful in a pinch, especially since the game is paused when accessing inventory. Food also tends to come in packs, unlike things like medkits. Many players consider this another form of free healing and drop a weapon, eat, then pick their weapon back up.

They are doubly advantageous to carry around, at least at first, due to the sheer number of food items you can carry. In a single slot, you can carry 50 food items. Depending on how well you are at avoiding damage, these can give you an incredible reserve of health that not much else aside from medkits could, and are even more plentiful than medkits in general. For excessively violent runs, reserving a slot in your inventory for stocking up on food might be worthwhile. Keep in mind that all Soda/Vending machines will pour out food once hacked.


Doctor in a bag, these little items are plentiful and useful. They will restore roughly 1/4 of your health when used, and you can carry up to 10 per stack. Always snag these when you see them unless you are maxed.


The one-man-wonder, this infinitely useful item is a lockpick and universal disarming system all in one. With the exclusion of a few rare goal-specific doors, a multi tool can be used to bypass any security camera, turret, laser grid system, door lock or crate lock in the game. They will take from 1 to 3 tools depending on the difficulty of the door, but no matter how many tools it takes the same amount of time is needed. You have to be standing in proximity of the device you are bypassing, so you will not be able to use it on cameras or turrets you cannot reach. You'll use these up very quickly, but luckily they are very plentiful in the game. There are a few places you can encounter "bugged" multitools. They will not stack with regular multitools and can often spawn into infinity, but aside from that function just the same.


Cigarette, alcohol, et cetera. These items inflict environmental damage when you consume them. Totally worthless for most people, but there might be some sort of really ghetto bioenergy recharge trick if you use it with level 3 environmental resistance turned on. Theoretically. Seriously, don't waste your inventory slots.

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