Ultima 8: Pagan

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Overview information


Publisher, Year Origin Systems, 1994
Genre RPG
  • Instant death scenarios
  • Linear progression
  • Combat imbalance
  • High time/focus investment
Time for 1 run 15-20 hours

Ultima 8 was the first Ultima in the cardinal series to truly disappoint fans, due in part to a buggy first release. After numerous patching, the game was playable through from start to finish with minimal bugs. Unfortunately, it also received criticism due to the fairly non-Ultimaesque gameplay, which made it more into an action RPG rather than an Ultima. Interestingly, this is exactly the component that makes the game a good PIH candidate, as you are in direct control of combat and your character the entire game.

The game is chock full of danger, in particular instant death scenarios. Lava rivers, falling into water, explosives in your backpack, touching someones plate, stepping over a bad part of a walkway; all of these can lead to your instant demise. Similar to Fallout 2, the game requires extensive metagaming in order to remain alive from start to finish. It isn't all bad, however.

General Reference Material

Increasing your stats (Character Development)

Inventory Items



Magic (Necromancy, Theurugy, Sorcery and Thamaturgy)


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