Secret of Evermore

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Publisher, Year Square, 1995
Genre RPG
  • Instant death scenario (rare)
  • Game-ending glitches
  • Stat glitches
Time for 1 run 15-20 hours

Secret of Evermore is an action-RPG in the vein of Secret of Mana, albeit with a few changes. Developed by Squaresoft's USA branch, the humor and storytelling is decidedly different from its spiritual brother. While the game is not particularly challenging, it's an enjoyable ride nonetheless.

General Reference Material




Nobilia Trading Guide

Tips and Tricks, Bugs and Glitches



This guide is by no means a 100% thorough walkthrough. Namely, most of the alchemy ingredients the Dog can sniff out will not be noted, nor the contents of most containers. Loose ingredients are not noted because the process is pretty much automated, and chests do not contain traps (despite what the manual says), so you're expected to loot at will.

As a special point, this guide is more geared toward a straight brawler type playthrough, meaning little alchemy will be used beyond base healing/defense spells. I don't recall any of the spells being too effective to justify the time/money spent in leveling them, compared to the ease of bashing someone with a giant bone. However, if you'd like to spend the time to level up spells, feel free. Blasting an enemy with an enormous fireball is never a bad thing.

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