Hitman: Silent Assassin

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Overview information


Publisher, Year Eidos Interactive, 2002
Genre Stealth
  • Unpredictable AI
  • Game-breaking glitches which make completing missions impossible (infrequent)
  • Buggy
Time for 1 run Pending

You play as a hitman, Agent 47, who has retired to a church in Sicily to lead a more peaceful life as a gardener for the priest, Father Vittorio. Father Vittorio is 47's best friend, and 47 confesses to him about his sins regularly. One day after a confession, Father Vittorio is kidnapped and 47 finds a ransom note asking for 500,000 dollars in 2 days. 47 has no other option but to go back to his old job as an assassin and track down Father Vittorio. For a Hardcore run of Hitman: Silent Assassin to be valid, you must play on Professional difficulty and you must not fail any missions or die at any time.

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While these guides do not assume you are playing hardcore and therefore may advise you to do something very stupid, they remain solid resources for getting the ins and outs of the game.

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