Hitman: Contracts

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Overview information


Publisher, Year Eidos Interactive, 2004
Genre Stealth FPS
  • Unpredictable AI
  • Slim margin for error
Time for 1 run Pending

The game starts off with Agent 47 walking through a hotel after one of his hits going terribly wrong. He has been wounded and he is walking through a hotel, eventually arriving at his room. As he enters the room, he collapses on the floor and starts to have flashbacks about his previous hits. For a Hardcore run of Hitman: Contracts to be valid, you must play on Professional and you must not fail any missions or die at any time.

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Mission Guide

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While these guides do not assume you are playing hardcore and therefore may advise you to do something very stupid, they remain solid resources for getting the ins and outs of the game.

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