Exile 3 City: Shayder

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These are the services available in Shayder. If applicable, I put the "inflation rate" that vendors charge in parenthesis after their name. Vendors that will buy excess loot from you will have (Sell) as well, and the type of items they sell will be listed at the end.

HEALER - Sisters of Mercy Hospital, Jed, northeast (Very reasonable)

HEALER - None, Judith,wanders around town (Somewhat Pricey)

SMITHY - Shayder Bazaar, Begbie, city center (Somewhat Pricey) (Sell) (Bronze/Iron Weapons)

ARMORY - Shayder Bazaar, Renton, city center (Pretty Average) (Bronze/Iron Armors/Shields/Helms)

IDENTIFICATION - Unnamed, Sara, southeast corner 15G per identification

SPELLS - Unnamed, Sara, southeast corner (Mage Spells Poison, Ice Bolt, Slow Group, Wall of Ice)

POTIONS - None, Bohman, wanders around town (Weak/Medium/Strong Cure/Heal/Energy/Strength)

FOOD - Shayder Bazaar, Rippel, city center (Somewhat Pricey)

INN - Unnamed, Mickie, city center

Jobs / Quests

MAIN QUEST - City Hall, Mayor Bernathy: She will very depressingly issue you a quest to find the source of the cockroaches and eradicate them.

JOB DISPATCHER - City Hall, Grunders

ANAMA TEMPLE - Joining the Anama temple is a long sidequest involving the entire isle.The primary temple is here.


Vlad, light salesmen - Wanders from town to town

Spud, beggar - Wanders around town Ahonar, Anama Church Founder - At the Anama church (NW corner)

Arkley, Librarian - Shayder Library (NE corner)

Irvine, "Assassin" - Inn

Sick Boy, a sick boy - Hidden in some trees in the NE corner

Deland, Anama servant - Boy at Anama Temple

Father Lockhart, Assistant to Ahonar - At the Anama church

Cassie, Empire Dervish - Wanders around town

Boyle,a sailor - Wanders around town - hints at dropping a wand into the sewers


Evil party: At x20, y52 is a group of people holed up in a room. If you enter the room they attack. There are three brigands and a mage.

Shayder Sewers: Around the city are entrances to the cochroach-infested sewers underneath the city. There is a set of bodies in the SW corner full of loot. Using the boats, you can find a Wand of Fireballs (!!). Entrance points are at x43, y6 and x14, y59 (Requires Move Mountains spell, hides Sapphire). The loot list is as follows:

  • 3 Iron Helms
  • 3 Bronze Chain Mails
  • 3 Steel-toed Boots
  • Iron Darts
  • Bronze Hammer
  • Bronze Flail
  • Iron Flail

Storage Room: x19, y37 Storage room protected by Magic Barrier (Requires Dispel Barrier spell) which contains a Golem Gem, a Gold Bar, a Weak Speed Potion and a Gold Necklace. A Black shade is hidden in the wall here.

Storage Room: x40, y16 storage room at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital with several Alchemy ingredients inside

Bookshelf: x48 y41 the shelf here conceals a Flame scroll

Food: The storage room at x13, y37 has 40 food you can easily steal if you close the door behind you.

Secret Entrances



This is what happens to Shayder if you wait too long to destroy the roach pit. Keep in mind, these changes are gradual - this is just the final result.

  • Burn pit replaces infested house in SE corner.
  • Lockhart of the Anama dies to disease
  • Several storage houses become burned or diseased
  • Sisters of Mercy Hospital doubles in size
  • Mayor is ousted from power due to disease and Anama controls the Isle
  • Mayor is confined to the hospital
  • City Hall is abandoned
  • Roaches wander the city

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