Exile 3: PC Advantages

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Each racial or generic advantage in Exile 3 will give your character some small perk. In exchange for the perk, the amount of experience you need to reach the next level is increased by a small percentage. Since all levels are reached in a linear fashion when it comes to XP, the increase is a static amount. If you need 172 points to reach the next level, once you hit it you'll then need 172 points to reach the level thereafter. Keeping that in mind, here is a quick breakdown of each advantage.

Racial Advantages

Human - 0% increase: Default race setting, has no effect.

Nephilim - 12% increase: Gives you +2 Dexterity and improved use of missile weapons. The extra Dexterity is nice, though I honestly cannot tell a difference between a Nephilim archer and a human archer. That aside, I always makes my archer a Nephilim anyway.

Slithzerikai - 20% increase: Gives you +2 Strength and +1 Intelligence, and a better command of Pole weapons. I always make at least one character, my pole-toting one, a Slith. Aside from that, the 20% increase is large for just a minor bonus to Intelligence for anyone other than a melee fighter.


Toughness - 10% increase: Makes you more resistant to physical damage. Useful all around, even if the damage soak is small. Given the enormous amount of melee damage you'll be taking and the amount of creatures that can hit you from afar with spears, arrows, spines, et cetera, every little bit helps. Give it to all your PCs.

Magically Apt - 20% increase: Simple enough, it boosts the effectiveness of all your magic, whether Priest or Mage. Give it to any caster.

Ambidextrous - 8% increase: Allows a PC to dual-wield single-handed weapons with no penalty to accuracy. Always give this to at least one person, whom you will deck out with dual blades. If you go more offensive, give it to two people. You'll find over time someone with powerful weapons in either hand will deal more damage than someone with a mighty pole weapon.

Nimble Fingers - 10% increase: Better chance of disarming traps and picking locks. Largely useless, considering how worthless lockpicking is and how many times it fails vs traps. Maybe toss it on a character, but probably better to just ignore.

Cave Lore - 4% increase: Give it to your lead character. Only helps a scarce few times in the game, but the increase is so minor you'll never notice it.

Woodsman - 6% increase: Give it to your lead character. It helps in overland encounters from time to time. Not often, but the increase is so minor you'll never notice it.

Good Constitution - 10% increase: Makes you more resistant to poison and disease. Give this to all your characters. It helps reduce the duration of poisons and makes disease less likely to dumbfound you round-per-round. They will still hurt you, but with this even "Killer Poison" will feel much less Killer to you. In a game of maximum survivability, even a little bit helps.

Highly Alert - 7% increase: Makes you resistant to sleep. Give this to ALL your characters. You encounter sleep very seldom in the game, but when you do it is an absolute pain in the ass. Even worse is when you are facing creatures like the Gorgons who are relatively weak but do nothing but hurl sleep clouds. Being asleep makes you extremely vulnerable, taking maximum damage from weapons and having no defense.

Exceptional Strength - 12% increase: Boosts your carrying capacity all around. Given the immense amount of loot in this game and the heavy weight of equipment I'd suggest giving it to everyone. Your call, however. If you travel light you can ignore it.

Recuperation - 15% increase: Your natural healing rate will skyrocket with this perk. Just wandering around the wilderness will let you fully heal, and in just a few ticks standing will see your HP boost as well. This is very useful, in the extreme. There will be times you find yourself drained of all mana and all capacity to heal, and running may be your only option.


Totally worthless all the way around. All of them make your character much more useless in both combat and general play and the only benefit any of them give you is quickly outweighed by the deficit.

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