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Publisher, Year Electronic Arts, 2007
Genre FPS
  • Buggy
  • Pretty Linear with some side quests for "open ended-ness"
  • Somewhat of a combat imbalance
  • High time investment
Time for 1 run With this guide, a
good couple of hours

MIA. Post on forums if you are interested in taking over.

Crysis is an action first person shooter set in the year 2020, and you play as Nomad. Delta is available right from the start, so I'll assume you're the gaming type to go straight for the hardest difficulty level. Now this game can get buggy, it's kind of linear, and sometimes the game will piss you off - but the storyline is ok, the voice acting I think is really good, and the graphics are superb. If you're reading this guide - you've probably played Crysis already to some extent, so you know your rig can handle it. You do need a higher end video card, and system in general if you want to play with all the highest settings, but I got by on medium settings with an AMD Dual Core 3.2 Gigz processor, 2 gigs of RAM, and a GeForce 7900GT. The later levels got slower, but it's not unplayable. On a final note about the game, your part of a squad, but you dont see much of them at all which disappointed me. For now, I'll start off this guide as going up to the cutscene with the boat. You'll see what I mean.

General Tips

  • Delta Mode is pretty easy when it comes to playing Crysis as long as you don't take on more than 2 NK enemies at a time. This can be difficult though because often times they're in bulk, and sometimes killing one first means another will call in reinforcements. You've gotta be quick.
  • The Cloak mode is the mode you'll use most often in this guide, and the Cloak feeds off your armor energy. It depletes in proportion to how fast you're moving so not moving will deplete it slowly enough to last for a few minutes, moving while prone will drain it slightly faster and sprinting means you'll be cloaked for mere seconds.
  • Make sure when you cloak, you can get from cover to cover - meaning dont cloak, then run out into the open. Stay hidden, and make sure you cloak when your armor is fully charged (it recharges itself), then go to a rock or something nearby.
  • Firing your weapon while cloaked completely depletes your armor so make sure that when you see an enemy you wish to kill, that you're hidden from other enemies, and that you switch to armor mode before firing.
  • When you want to kill an enemy, cloak, cover, set up your shot, double tap S to go to armor mode, and fire a single 3 round burst right below the enemies head. The 2nd bullet should hit him. Immediately after firing, cloak again and move to different cover.
  • If you don't get a head shot on the first 3 round burst, try as hard as possible to nail him with the 2nd burst. Shooting the NK's in the body won't do much to them unless you've got Incendiary rounds.
  • Don't aim for vehicles unless theres only 2 or 3 NK's around because a whole group of them still alive when a vehicle dies isn't good. They'll all be on the look out for you. Trust me - On Delta you do NOT want 6 of these North Koreans firing at you. You'll be dead in no time.
  • Watch your alertness level. It is the gauge in the lower left with the ! in the triangle. No alertness means they haven't any clue you're there. Full, or nearly full means they're watching out for you and if they see you from a distance they may shoot at you. If it's full or nearly full, and you're surrounded, pray you have 100 energy to cloak, and slowly sneak out of there. They take potshots too, so one may hit you.
  • Swap the SCAR for the FY-71. The FY-71 is what the North Koreans use and there's so much ammo for it, it's disgusting. The SCAR has that nice tactical attachment, but it is not that useful because after 1 shot your enemies know you're around. To boot, it takes a few seconds to cool down, it hits only ONE person, which you could do fairly easily with the FY-71 anyway.
  • The tactical attachment only TRANQUILIZES enemies - so be sure to nail them in the head with a silenced weapon.
  • If you're in Speed, or Strength mode, or Cloaked, YOUR ARMOR will NOT protect you! You will take direct damage to your health unless you're in Armor Mode. On Hard, your armor can take maybe 5 or 6 hits, on Delta - 2 to 4 and it's gone.
  • If your alertness level gets up there, watch your radar as your enemies will glow either Green for "he might be around", yellow means they're watching out for you, and red means they know you're there so they're looking for you. If you stay in the same spot, with the enemies being red on your radar, they WILL eventually find you. Sometimes it might take them a minute or two, and sometimes they wont take long at all.
  • Speed Mode can be a life saver, and I think I used it once or twice to save myself.
  • Make sure you enable suit shortcuts. They help greatly!


Let's skip right to the first part after the cutscne where Prophet tells you to "make sure your silencer is attached". In this first part theres only 3 North Koreans to kill. The first one is going to be on your right on top of a rock. You can either strength jump (double tap your jump key) up to him and shoot him, or jump/grab/throw him. You can also Jump and shoot him, but make sure the only gun that makes noise is HIS. This should alert the other two NK's nearby, and they'll slowly come to you. Just stay on that rock, and watch your radar so you know where they are. Once the first one is in your line of sight, then aim your shot, uncloak (double tap your "walk backwards" key), shoot him, then recloak. If BOTH come into your line of sight (LOS), then hide so you can only see 1 of them. Then take each other with the previously described method. Once they're dead, you're ordered to meet with Jester. He's obviously the green blip on the radar or you can press TAB to view your map of the area. It shows your objectives and where they are. You're good to go on the north koreans until after the cutscene where you discover what happened to Aztec.

The part after the cutscene where you discover Aztec is where the game in my opinion really starts. You keep walking forward, and Prophet tells you to "take out the 2 man patrol, nice and quiet". You can go a decent distance forward before you encounter them. Stick to the left, in the shrubs and be sort of careful or the alertness meter may go up. You should see a flashlight beam - this means your close. Turn that cloak on and sneak around the beam. This is one of the NK's in the 2 man patrol. Make sure you know which one it is. Find the 2nd one. He's behind the first one, a good couple feet. Headshots are much more difficult to get if you're firing from behind a person, so I'd say sneak up to the second guys side, aim, uncloak, fire, recloak. The first guy in the patrol wont know where you are or anything, but he may turn around. He wont be hard to kill, just find him, aim, uncloak, fire, and dont worry about recloaking just yet. Keep pressing on until you see the screen go to a cinematic VIEW. Not a cutscene, but you get those two black bars like a DVD has, and then they go away.

Here, my friends, is one of the things every Crysis player hates - the "sniper boat". It's 2 North Koreans in a gunboat that have the patented "telescoping" vision from FarCry. The key to having this gunboat NOT shoot you to pieces it to make sure you know where it is, but you can't see it. A clear line of site between you and this gunboat spells a high alertness level, and your death. Now, cloak, take the path going left down the hill, and go maybe a little less than halfway. Prone, make sure you cant see the boat, and uncloak to let it recharge. When your energy reaches 100 again, recloak, and go forward, dropping a little ways down the hill. You might take a small hit to your health, but when you get to the ground, let your cloak and your health regenerate. Theres foliage and rocks, and more important a shed with a fence around it. This thing is great for making sure the sniper boat can't see you. I'm certain theres 2-3 NK's here. If you cloak, and take out each one individually, you wont have a problem. Make sure that you can kill both quickly, as one of them WILL call for reinforcements and that can get dirty.

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