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Publisher, Year Take Two/2K Games, 2007
Genre FPS
  • Supply shortages
  • Forced to tangle with superior enemies
Time for 1 run 4-8 hours

Bioshock is the spiritual successor to the awe-inspiring and spine-dominating System Shock games, created by Origin during their peak years. It is primarily a shooter with some RPG elements, but customization can change on a whim. A very solid game, it peetered out on the promises of varied FPS/RPG combat. That said, this is an extremely fun game that hearkens back to some of the first FPS games, right down to its action and boss fights, and the absence of instant death scenarios makes it a great game to cut your teeth on with hardcore gaming.

Obviously, this guide will be using the latest patch with Vita-Chambers turned OFF. The Walkthrough will assume you're playing on Hard; if you're not, enemies will have somewhat less health and do somewhat less damage, but the game is generally the same. The Walkthrough will avoid using any of the tonics or plasmids introduced in the patch, since not everyone will have access to them and they are pretty overpowering for 1 Adam powers.

General Reference Material

Tonics and Plasmids

Enemies and Bosses

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Welcome to Rapture

Medical Pavilion

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